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Top 3 Best Coyote Trap: Reviews of 2017

large coyote trapped with iron trap

Traps are the favorite weapon of most hunters. They are practical, useful and effective.

Here you will get an idea about the best traps for coyote. Keep in mind that the size of a trap is essential and it can make a difference between success and failure!

In order to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, pay attention to the 3 best traps for coyotes below.

Before we start watch this video first:



F&T Coyote Trapping Starter Kit Bundle

coyote trapping set


Obviously, this is the best way to trap a coyote simply because you get all what you need to set up a trap. Let’s begin from the start. This is a starter kit which is focused on new hunters. As such, it is easy to use and it comes with DVD with instructions, methods and additional knowledge you will need. The best part is the fact you get all of the essential elements in the kit! You will be able to start trapping coyotes as soon as you get the kit and probably watch the DVD with instructions.

In this kit, you will get all sorts of traps. They are 6 duke traps (3/4), 6 stakes for wolves, 6 J-hooks, 1 pan covers and 1 stake driver. All of this already reveals why this kit is the best choice. However, you will also get 1 hammer (Freedom Band Pro), sifter, a dot grip gloves, trowel and even heavy-duty gloves. For most hunters, this is enough, but in this case, it is just a tip of an iceberg. Additionally, you will get urine spray top, predator paste, trap wax, coyote lure and even a set of gloves.

Now you should realize that you will get the best coyote bait for trapping with excellent traps. We must add the fact that the traps are premium-grade units, so they will last for many decades before any visual damages occur. The rest of the kit shares the same quality.


  • This is a kit rather than a single trap
  • All essential elements are included in the package
  • The kit comes with luring items and different traps
  • Great value for money


  • Instructions from the DVD may be complicated
  • It is large, so you will need plenty of space to transport it
  • Isn’t possible to buy items separately


1/2 Dozen (6 PAK) Duke 1 3/4 Coil Spring Trap

iron coyote trap front view


Trapping coyotes with this trap is much easier than you would believe. It is a professional and heavy-duty trap designed for a variety of animals. Thanks to the 5.25-inch jaw opening, fox, coyotes, raccoons and bobcat can be trapped. The mechanism itself is a masterpiece. It has been developed for usages on all kinds of terrain and it is capable of withstanding all seasons and all elements. The grip is phenomenal, so an animal won’t be capable of getting loose over time. The secret lies in the coil springs. They are designed to generate a high level of pressure and to maintain it indefinitely if needed. Some traps generate pressure as well, but they cannot maintain it, due to material fatigue.

Although, we mentioned that the jaw opening is 5.2 inch, in the package you get several traps of different sizes. The size will vary between 4 and 6 inches of jaw opening, making trapping all of the aforementioned animals possible. We all know that for coyotes, 5.25 and 6-inch jaw opening traps are the best choice. The main material is industrial steel! Except for occasional oiling, you won’t have to perform any maintenance at all.

There are two options here. The first one is a standard trap, with metal jaws and the second one is rubber-covered jaws. They are humane and they won’t injure an animal. They are also available for traps designed for coyotes especially. The bottom line is that you get high-quality traps which are cost effective.


  • Great coil springs
  • Made from steel
  • Affordable trap
  • Traps with different jaw openings


  • Pure-metal ones are not humane for the animals
  • Setting up a trap is difficult


Minnesota Brand MB-550 Offset

iron offset coyote trap


The trap is based on a well-known design that has been used since the early 20th century. So, is this trap any good? Actually, it is one of the best on the market at the moment and it is a favorite choice for most hunters. The opening (outside) is 5 ½ inches while the inner opening is 4 ¾ inches. What this means is that the trap is capable of catching all kinds of animals. For example, foxes can be easily trapped, but so are coyotes. We liked the 2.5 pounds activation pressure. The manufacturer claims that this is the best activation weight and it works with all animals.

There are several customization capabilities here, something we prefer, a lot. If you want to know how to trap coyotes and other animals, you will have to know something about the coil springs. Waxing them will increase the sensitivity, so it won’t be activated with 2.5 pounds, but with 0.3 pounds. The coil pins increase the strength and the pressure of a trap. This one has 4 of them, but if you are trapping smaller animals, you can cut two pins and therefore reduce the pressure a trap can generate.

Additional facts to know about the trap in question are materials. It is made from stainless steel and it comes with welded chain. All of this means that durability is guaranteed. This trap also gets a high number of positive rates from owners.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Excellent coil springs
  • Perfect for several animals
  • Welded chain


  • Require maintenance
  • Waxing or oiling too often significantly increases sensitivity

In case you have been successful and want to remove a coyote from the trap, check the video below:


Here are the best traps for the best hunters who want just one thing, to successfully trap coyotes. All traps are well-known for advanced mechanism and for superior quality. They will last as long as you need them and within that time, they won’t fail, not a single time. The success rate is at 100%.

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