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The 5 Best Deer Decoys On The Market Reviewed

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There are different ways to hunt for deer, but one method that is fast becoming the most popular is the use of deer decoys.

Why is this method getting popular?

With a little effort, you are sure of hunting down more deer than the conventional method of hunting you have been using for years. The good thing about these buck decoys is that they can be used by both experienced and novice hunters. They help you attract the animal close to you for an easy target and comfortable shooting.

As a hunter, if you want to be highly successful in your hunting, then getting a deer decoy is not an option but a must-have. The effectiveness of these hunting gear is what makes most hunters opt for it.

With the increasing popularity of this hunting lures, there are so many manufacturers and brands available on the market. This makes it somewhat daunting in selecting the best deer decoy. But with this article, every important thing you need to know will be revealed to you.

Why are deer decoys the most preferred choice?

The numbers of deer decoy reviews you see online should give you a clue on why every hunter is opting for it. If you decide to do your hunting by searching for animals, no doubt, you will get one or two to hunt down, but the time it will take you to achieve this may be too long and you may end up being frustrated.

On the other hand, when using decoys, your search for deer becomes so easy and quick. This is achieved through a call, a mimicking a buck sound that makes the deer feel relaxed and comfortable coming closer to you. The success rate and high performance of a deer lures are enough reason why you should order yours today.

Things to look out for before purchasing buck decoys

Of course, it is true that deer baits are highly effective on the field, but the market is flooded with so many brands which makes it difficult to pick the best for yourself. There are some key things you need to be knowledgeable about before storming the market to buy one. Below is a list of things to consider:

Realistic features

For you to get deer attracted to you, your deer decoy must have all the necessary features that will make it look like the actual deer. Most manufacturers of this product are looking for all possible ways to ensure that the decoy works great just like the real deer.

Some are incorporated with special qualities such as deer scent, life-like motion, etc. just to make sure they are effective.

If the lure has no features of the real deer, you might just be wasting your precious time on the field because the animals will know that it’s fake, and they will walk away.

Material durability

The material from which the decoy is made should be another important factor to look out for when buying one. Since this product is needed for an outdoor activity where the weather condition is harsh, going for one that is constructed from substandard material won’t last long.

So it is always advisable to go for a deer decoy that is produced from reliable and durable materials.

Another advantage of choosing durable materials is that they don’t easily get a dent, which makes them retain their full body appearance for a long time when inflated.

The portability of the decoy deer

Hunting is not a static adventure, it requires moving from one location to another. So your bait must be as portable as possible, to make your hunting interesting. Unlike the ancient times when these products were made bulky, modern technology has brought in significant change.

The features of a modern deer decoy should include compact size, lightweight and able to fit into your bag for easy moving around. So to get the best buck decoy, the new model should be your choice.


There are so many brands available in the market today. While some are reputable and reliable, others are deceitful with bogus promises and qualities.

If you are unsure of which brand is the best, you can contact your fellow mates on the field to make inquiries or visit online market stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc., to read customers’ reviews on different deer decoy products. You may not have to worry yourself about all these as we will be revealing to you the top 5 deer decoys that are available.

How easy it is to use

The mode of operation of a lure should be something to look into when making a purchase. Since they come from different manufacturers, their mode of operations are also slightly different.

Some are complex to use while some are very simple. Of course, you wouldn’t want to choose the one that is difficult to use because you need something that can attract deer quickly without having to go through difficult processes.

For a decoy to be considered easy-to-use, it should be easy to fold down and should have stakes for easy placing on the ground. So you need to check this out before paying for the item.


The price of any item has so much to talk about it. It is believed that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the item. For deer decoys, the huge number of manufacturers make these items with a wide range of prices.

Although those with higher price tags tend to be more portable, durable, and have a high level of realism. If you are not buoyant financially, just try to make your budget modest and go for the brand that can at least get you the best results.

The top 5 best rated deer decoys for the money

To make it easier for you, we have put together reviews of the top 5 deer decoys to buy in 2017

Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy Review

If you are looking for the best whitetail deer decoys, then this should be the number one choice to consider. The Flambeau Masters Series has a design and color that is perfect for that.

One great plus of this model is that you can easily disassemble all the body parts and fit them into the body cavity. To ensure that all the body parts are well-secured during transportation, this bait has a screw plug to achieve that for you.

For a perfect hunting experience, the deer scent should be in the rear legs, while the front legs have space for putting the deer call. Setting up all these properly will easily attract more deer to your location. This model has a nice construction that ensures that the deer bait is kept working for a reasonable amount of time.


  • It can be dissembled for easy transportation
  • It has space for inserting calls
  • It is affordable
  • It is has a nice design
  • It is durable


  • The leg attachment can be improved
  • setting it up may make some noise since it’s made of hollow plastic

Montana Decoy Antelope Buck Decoy Review

MONTANA DECOY Antelope Buck Decoy
List Price: $69.79
Price: $69.79
Price Disclaimer

Using Montana Decoy Antelope Buck Decoy is the easiest way to attract buck to a close range. This deer lure has exciting features that make it look like a real deer. By flashing this bait to a rutting deer, you are sure of having a wonderful experience.

The deer rut happens for just a short time and bucks have just few time to allow challengers of their sex mates. You need to be as fast as possible to aim at the buck before it walks away. Get the best of this short time by using this portable antelope buck decoy.

These hunting deer decoys have features that makes it unique. It can be compressed to a small size of 13 x 10 inches and restores to full-size shape in few seconds. It is quick to setup and its lightweight design allows for easy movement when the antelope is rutting. It has a clear realism appearance that tricks and quickly attracts rutting bucks to your location.


  • It can be compressed to a compact size
  • It is lightweight for easy transportation
  • Setting it up is very easy
  • It is very lifelike
  • It has a perfect design


  • Some costumers complain of receiving defect product. So you need to ensure you get the right one
  • It is a bit hard to fold back

Tink’s Miss November Doe Decoy Review

The Tink’s Miss November Doe Decoy has a quality design, with a high-performance level. With the HD on the decoy, it displays a realistic design that makes it look like an actual deer. To improve its realistic appearance, the outer layer is constructed to have a real-life skin feeling.

When there is a light breeze, the tail can easily wag to make it behave like a real deer. It is easy to carry and portable as it can be deflated and inflated. Its sophisticated design makes it easy to move through woods.

The lightweight of this attraction makes it easier to transport and it has 2 pose options of bedding or standing position. It doesn’t take time to set up and there are no loud plastic components.


  • You have options of switching positions with this decoy
  • The tail can wag during light breeze, making it look more real
  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It is made of durable material
  • It has an excellent design


  • Some costumers complain about this model leaking air
  • It is not too nice for cold seasons due to air temperature difference.

Dream Team Buck and Doe by Montana Decoy Review

MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck and Doe
List Price: $119.99
Price Disclaimer

The Dream Team Montana Decoy has an exquisite design that makes it easier to attract deer close to your location. It is made of durable material and its lightweight makes it easy and convenient to transport.

Most hunters that have used it testify that it does a great job in bringing the animals close before taking them down. It is made of a combination of steel springs components, cotton & polyester.

With this combination, there will be no any regret buying this model. Also, setting up these decoys is very easy and its design provides additional support.


  • It is made of durable material
  • It is easy to setup
  • Does a great job in attracting the deer to you
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not too firm to withstand heavy wind
  • Its real-life appearance can be improved

Primos Scarface Decoy Review

Primos Scarface Decoy
List Price: $170.99
Price: $170.99
Price Disclaimer

Having a moving deer decoy is the key to enjoying a successful adventure. Virtually all hunters are aware that if they could get a decoy to move, it would look more realistic, and it will make the approaching real deer more relaxed. 

This is what you get when you use Primos Scarface Decoy. The slightest breeze is enough to move the tail and head of this model naturally. The quality of material used in producing Primos products are top-notch, and all the body parts can be dissembled and put inside the soft body cavity for easy transportation and to reduce noise on the field.

This bait has an excellent design and has been tested and proven to withstand severe environment and tough situations. Primos can be used by all kinds of people, be it a recreational user, professional user, or a casual.


  • It can move, thus making it look more realistic
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It has an excellent design
  • Can withstand toughest situations
  • The body components can be dissembled and put together in the soft body cavity for easy carry
  • It doesn’t make noise on the field


  • It is a bit difficult to fit all the components inside the body
  • It is a little heavy to carry

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As a hunter, getting the best deer decoys for hunting plays a major role in the success of your adventure. It saves you from toiling all day in the wilderness without a single hit. However, getting the right decoy requires some diligent searching. We have taken out time to put together all the information you need to make the perfect choice for purchase.

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