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9 Waterproof Winter Coats For Dogs on The Market in 2017

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It is surprising to note that in this age, some still consider winter dog coats as a mere style, thinking that they’re just decorating their pets with a nice colorful dress. In reality, winter dog coats are more than a fashion; it’s in the best interest of dogs’ health to keep them warm.

If your dog is worth considering your friend, you should give the health of your little friend all the attention it deserves because you don’t want to be needlessly frequenting a vet office because of what you could have prevented by just selecting the appropriate clothing items.

The winter presents a special challenge for the dogs just as it does for humans. Dogs can come down with complications like frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration during cold weather, just like us.

If we won’t take chances with what we put on during this harsh weather, we shouldn’t do so with whatever is on the pooch, dognap, or poodle under your guardianship so as not to dangerously expose them to the elements.

If you have to put on your coats to keep warm, your four legged friend needs the waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection.

Be aware and don’t ever forget that some breeds like Siberian Husky may survive extremely cold weather because of the way they are bred. That’s not to say that your Snoopy doesn’t need a dog winter coat.

9 Best Dog Jackets 2017 For The Money

Due to the interest we take in you, and we assume you have such interest in your dogs, we’ve done a great deal of research to present to you 9 of the best dog winter coats for the year 2017.

Kakadu Pet Reflective Dog Coat

This coat by Kakadu Pet, a lesser known company, is surely a waterproof dog jacket of 2017. It’s made with the intention of keeping him warm throughout the colder months regardless of what the weather looks like. That’s why it’s made of double fleece, a guaranteed of double protection from the impact of the harsh weather.

One of its selling points is the adjustability of the straps around the neck and girth. This makes this reflective jacket a good option to fit the dogs of different sizes and shapes. Kakadu Pet is painstaking in the size, design and description, such that it is easy to pick a jacket size for your pet from the chart.

Another big plus for this dog jackets from Kakadu Pet is that despite the fact the jacket goes underneath, the dogs can poop without messing it up. This is a big plus for this jacket because some jackets are poorly designed in such a way that the dog wearing it finds it challenging to poop without messing itself up.

Though gray is the common color of these dog jackets for winter, they are available with a red, yellow, green, or blue stripe together with reflective features so that he or she can stay be visible by the motorists in the dark.


  • A highly-rated winter dog coat.
  • Has a reflective stripe for high visibility.
  • Has a fully adjustable Velcro straps.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Adjustable straps.


  • Is challenging finding the right size.
  • Not suitable for male dogs.

Kurgo Dog Jacket

Kurgo should expect to be among the manufacturers of the best winter dog coats around based on the company’s reputation. Kurgo Loft Waterproof Dog Jacket is in colors blue, red, and green. It is a brilliant choice for the most adventurous pets because it is made with waterproof nylon and has a well-quilted shell.

Whether you are on the mountain or in the city, you’ll find this coat a perfect choice for him or her in the extremely cold weather because the quilted shell is lightweight and reversible. Another plus is that the jacket has a zipper opening where you’ll be able to insert the dog harness or collar, and even the dog leash.

Contrary to the ignorance of some critics of the winter coat, the pets don’t seem to be burdened by the extra layers of the winter coat. So they can go about with Kurgo Dog Jacket as if they aren’t wearing anything.

The dogs can go about with this jacket in the rain and snow because it is impenetrable to water and snow. Maximum protection from an inclement weather is assured.


  • A highly-rated winter dog coat.
  • Waterproofed with microtomic nylon.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Washable in machine.
  • Stylish design with two side adjustments.


  • No special inside lining.
  • Has a lot of complaints about sizing

Shearling Dog Coat

Shearling Dog Coat is certainly one of the best winter coats for winter. Though some argue that it is not one of the waterproof dog coats with legs covering, it is a big coat that looks like the heavy coat humans do wear.

Isn’t that a very good option for a dog you like to proudly take on a walk in a super cold winter? With the fabric of faux suede and features of soft lining made from polyester that can be taken for the sheep skin, you won’t contend the fashion consciousness and the protectiveness of this dog coat.

It has many of the features of the other top winter jackets for 2017, like being easy to use, having the adjustable belly belt, which allows snug to fit, providing the needed warmth, and washable in machines. Shearling Dog Coat always appears as brand new on your pouch any time you’re out with him because it is easier to clean and dry.

Because you don’t need to cover your dog’s head, it is simple to put on. Despite being light, it still offers the dog some warmth when the temperature becomes unbearable.

So whether you are a hiker or a long walker, you can take your pet along with you regardless of the weather.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Very stylish in design
  • A water-resistant dog coat
  • Machine-washable winter dog coat.
  • Not expensive.


  • Is not a waterproof dog coat
  • Weak Velcro
  • Is not as thick as desired.
  • Not of the best quality material.

Gooby Fleece-Lined Dog coat

Those with dogs with different sizes would love this one, although it is specifically designed for dogs with a maximum weight of 25 pounds.

Just like its name sounds, this dog coat is lined with fleece which justifies its rating as one of the warm dog coats. It comes in a variety of colors, giving an ample opportunity of choice.

It has a Velcro closure that allows it to be easily put on and off is one of the reasons why it is here. This makes the coat a good choice for dogs of different sizes. Because of its leash attachment, preparing the dog for a short walk becomes the easiest thing to do.


  • Is of top quality
  • Stylishly fits very well
  • Is aesthetically pleasing
  • Has the adjustable Velcro
  • Convenient leash attached


  • Is not fit for an aggressive dog
  • Has weight limitation.

Zack & Zoey Dog Coat

Zack & Zoey Dog Coat is undoubtedly among the best dog jackets ever manufactured. It’s made of 100% polyester and has a waterproof shell to keep the dog dry always. Its reflective stripes makes walking in the neighborhood at night safer.

Added to the beauty and efficiency of the coat is the internal fleece that provides the pet extra warmth. Pet owners can confirm that even after staying for hours in the rain, and very cold temperatures, their dogs remain dry and warm.

This gives Zack Dog Coat a place in the class of waterproof dog coats with legs protection.

The covering it provides for the leg does not pose any restriction to the dog’s movement. It is also always in place, without slipping off and becoming a burden for the dog.

So with utmost ease, your dog can relax and even chase anything while putting on the jacket. The top-notch quality and durability of the coat are complemented by the thickness of the coat.

Thus, the coat has all the attributes that justify its inclusion into the list of the best waterproof dog coasts for winter.

It is made in many colors and sizes, giving pet owners a wide variety of options to choose from.


  • Popular dog winter coat
  • One of the all-weather dog coats.
  • Reversible dog coat for winter.
  • Pure polyester.
  • Provides all-round warmth.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Exposes the neck.

Dog & Field Drying Jacket

This drying jacket is obviously one of the best winter dog coats for all sizes of dogs. To make the coat available for different sizes of dogs, the manufacturers make it available if five different sizes, from the extra small size to the extra large size.

Therefore, it is convenient for you to get the perfect drying jacket for your dog during the winter, regardless of its size.

The coat is internally lined with microfiber for wicking away potentially harmful moisture from the dog. This keeps the dog warm and safe, always without having to deal with any unusual coldness that may be triggered by the moisture.

Since keeping the dog warm during the winter is the ultimate goal, that will be impossible if the coat cannot resist water. That’s why the dog coat is made to be fully resistance to water, externally.

Whether it is raining or not, you can count on the coat to reduce the impact of the rain on the dog, falling off the dog’s back. Thus, you won’t find it too challenging to keep your dog warm and safe regardless of the weather.

When wearing the coat for your dog, you don’t have to go through some frustrating experience. No. It is very easy to wear as a result of its well-made chest straps and Velcro girth that are of the best quality for the ultimate security of the coat.


  • Fantastic coat.
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight material.
  • Covers the dog’s base.
  • Moisture absorbing


  • Not reflective at night.
  • Makes dog uncomfortable when peeing.

Kuoser waterproof dog vest

This is another waterproof and durable dog winter coat from the stable of Kuoser. Made from the best materials – polyester and terylene or cotton – the coat is lined internally to provide the needed warmth for your dog when the weather seems to be too cold for your dog’s comfort.

To complement the durability and water-resistance ability of the coat is an amazing and creative design that can boast of an exquisite stitching that makes wearing the coat and taking it off pretty ease.

Internally, the lining is done with warm fleece to ensure that the dog is always kept warm irrespective of the weather condition, even if it is inclement.

Some other amazing features of the dog coat includes lightweight, wind-proof, durability, and an awesome design that are the trademarks of the best waterproof coats for dogs when the weather is extremely cold or raining.


  • Waterproof.
  • Excellent design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fits dogs of different sizes.
  • Easily affordable.


  • No Velcro.
  • Too big jacket.

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As a pet owner, your dog deserves the best protection from cold and rain. A durable and water-resistant dog coat will be the best gift for it during the winter. That’s a good way to provide immunity from cold and rain for the dog.

Considering the size your dog, your preferences with water-resistance or waterproof quality, and your budget, you should be able to find in this guide one or two waterproof dog coats for the winter that you would pick up for your dog.

Always bear in mind, the qualities to look for in selecting the winter jacket for dogs are light weight, thickness, reflective features, washable with machines, and easy to put on and take off among others that you have read here.

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