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Best Duck Hunting Gun For The Money: 2019 Reviews

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It is now the time of the year when duck hunting becomes one of the most popular hobbies. In fact, sometimes, this little activity transforms into a healthy competition among friends, with the winner obviously possessing the best duck hunting gun out there now.

Maybe that’s something that you should also have if you want to join the fun and impress some of your peers.

But having such gear should not mean that you should spend a large amount of money. After all, it’s just a hobby and you can always make do of some of the cheap but high-end shotguns out there.

In fact, you can take advantage of the best duck gun under 1000 dollars and show your friends just how great you are at hunting ducks and other similar creatures using shotguns.

Offering some help, below you will find some of the best shotguns out there that you can try using whenever you get that call from your colleagues asking for you to come in some areas where you can hunt ducks for fun.

Check the video below first on how to shoot a duck:


Remington Model 870 – Best Duck Shotgun

black and brown remington 870 side view


Over the years, this gun has proven its worth. It’s a most desirable trait is its reliability. It is easy to use and the product made a name for becoming one of the top choices for those who are likely to engage in waterfowl-related activities such as duck hunting. So what makes this a clear to pick from all others?

It is said to be America’s most trusted pump shotgun. It is easily the best selling gear of its kind all-time, with a record of 11,000,000 units sold. It was first introduced in 1951 and since then, it has placed itself among the best of the best.

There are many advantages of the Remington Model 870. It is said to be one of the most reliable shotguns to have been made. It boasts simple pump-action design which is popular among its buyers.

There have been many variations of this model and each and every one of them has proven to be the best picks for their respective owners. What’s even better is that you can actually have this for the incredibly low price of $399.


  • Features state of the art pump-action design
  • Easy to carry
  • America’s best seller
  • Has many variations over time
  • Not expensive


  • Old in terms of design

The Honorable Mentions – Winchester Model 12

two winchesters 12 side by side

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This is a type of gun that is quite popular for families who have the tradition of being always present in waterfowl hunting. The Winchester Model 12 has been passed down from generations to generations, proving it to be able to stand the test of time. It is considered to be an iconic gun that was released in 1912. It is actually hard to believe that this gear was introduced even way before our editor’s choice – the Remington Model 870 was introduced.

The gun mainly features walnut stock and blued finish. It has the 32-inch barrels, which are perfect for long-range pass shooting, which, by the way, it was common at the time when this shotgun was in its prime.

It has become to be the symbol of waterfowl-related activities like duck hunting – a fitting description after surviving two World Wars after its debut in the market.

As of this moment, you can have this gun for around $425. Not bad for an all-time great, right?


  • Perfect for long range shooting
  • Smooth finish
  • Comes with 32-inch barrels
  • Cheap


  • Might be difficult to use for close range shooting
  • Considerably old model


CZ’s New Swamp Magnum

camo swamp magnum side view

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According to some readings, it has been said that many people nowadays would prefer to buy the CZ New Swamp Magnum. That’s probably because of its nature of being a double-barrelled gun that makes it very versatile in many hunting pursuits. That means that you will have the chance to do well in hunting activities even though you are put in some tough positions.

The Magnum gun is also available in two colors. You can have it in black or camouflage. It is considered to be a workhorse in duck hunting and can easily make you a good hunter. It features a synthetic stock which can process up to 3 ½ inch shells.

You can also bet that this is safe for hunting events and will never give you trouble. The only downside of this is that you can have this for the price of between $929 and $1029, depending on the color of your choice.


  • A double-barrel gun
  • Versatile in many hunting activities
  • Comes in two colors
  • Has synthetic stock for 3 ½ inch shells


  • Pricy
  • Limited color and design


Mossberg International SA-28

brown mossberg sa 28 side view

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The latest offering from Mossberg is the international semi-automatic which functions as a lightweight 28-gauge shotgun. It is coupled with 26-inch barrel. It has a walnut stock. This is said to be perfect for recreational shooting and you won’t even spend too much for it. Currently, it is priced at $654.

For the price of below $1000, you can have a shotgun that you can use when duck hunting. Although it might seem to be big in pictures, you are assured of not having any kind of problem when bringing it while walking on the course of your hunting activity.


  • Semi-automatic gun
  • Coupled with 26-inch barrel
  • Comes with walnut stock
  • Perfect for recreational shooting


  • A bit larger in size
  • Might not be suitable for hunting while walking or running

These are just some of the guns that you can choose from when looking for the best duck hunting guns now that the season for waterfowl activities is already underway. If you notice, the prices of these choices are not that high. But make no mistake about it, these are sure winner picks.

Now, the price of the gun no longer matters. This is said in the sense that it does necessarily mean that if you buy a gun that has a price of more than $1000, you’ll have a good gear and if you buy one that has a lower price, you’ll have a not-so-good gear. It all depends on a lot of factors.

Some of these shotguns have been around for a very long time now and there is a reason why even though they are not priced insanely high, they are yet able to attract buyers.

Training for Duck Hunting

When it comes to duck hunting, playing by chance is not enough. Even though you have the best duck hunting gun that is out there in the market today, this activity can still be difficult for you to handle.

With that being said, you need to couple your gear with proper training. Keep in mind that you need to familiarize yourself with the hunting gun that you will use. You need to get the timing of the use of the gear as well as getting used to the proper handling of the gun. All of these simple things can greatly help you in having an exceptional performance in hunting.

This should greatly help you when competing with some of your friends. Who knows? They might be impressed with your sharp shooting skills and they might even praise you for it.

When Buying a Duck Gun for the First Time

Is it your first time to buy a duck hunting gun? If so, then you should know more about it. This is important so that you can avoid a lot of bad things that can happen. For example, you should know exactly what type of gun you need to have for the kind of activity you are preparing for. Do you need one that is good for long range shots?

Or do you need one that can be used when aiming to shoot moving targets? Do you need one that is easy to carry? Or do you need one gear that can give you some weight for stability? All of these questions should be answered. Also, there are some considerations like the place where you will use the gun.

The next thing is that you should know where to purchase the gun. Although there are many that offer such item, you need to be very careful in selecting where you can buy them. Remember that not all of these products are genuine and you might be set up for a scam. If you don’t know anything at all about guns and how to spot genuine one, you should ask some of your friends who have knowledge of this stuff. If you can do that, then better.

Upon buying your shotgun, you need to try it and break it in. This is important for you to make the necessary adjustments. Remember, while most guns are already calibrated upon release in the market, there are instances when the calibrations are all messed up. Therefore, it is important for you to know where the problem is.  Fix it before proceeding for using the gun. Not doing so might damage the gun after a few uses after your purchase.

Lastly, do not be blinded by the fact that you are buying a very expensive item. In fact, this should not mean anything at all. You need to keep in mind that the price of the item does not necessarily dictate how well it will perform when it is put into use. Just take a good look at the details and pay attention to them. Pick one that really suits your style and personality. If you do that, then you will be doing yourself a very big favor.

More than just a review, this also gives you plenty of advice for picking and using your first duck hunting gun. Use it!

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