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Your Go To Guide On How To Buy a Ladder Stands For Bowhunting

  • August 18, 2018

Ladder stands have become quite popular in hunting, especially in bowhunting. The ease of use and the efficiency they bring when you are going in for the final kill have made them a worthy companion to every hunter. However, in retrospect, most people don’t have enough information to guide their choice of the top rated ladder stands for bowhunting.

Sometimes, they purchase haphazardly, and end up falling right when they are hunting, or find that they cannot haul their stands easily because they bought those that are too heavy!

Don’t you worry, here’s a guide to take you through what you should be thinking about when getting yourself a ladder stand?

How Should You Go About It?


Ladder stands come with many risks. If not fixed well, you might end up toppling all the way from where you thought was the best position to shoot your bow. The hunt ends right there.

When it comes to choosing a ladder stand, think about the safety features each has before anything. Can it support you? How firm, does it lock at some heights? How high does it go? What is the risk of it unhinging? Look for those stands that come with a safety harness, and they are indeed safer.

A kill is not worth it if you risk your life for it. Check that all welding points and joints are secure and firm. When you are satisfied with the safety of your ladder stand, you can go on and think about something else.

Weight Capacity

Generally, ladder stands have a high weight capacity, but it varies between different brands. Since it is the only thing below you when you climb it, you have to think about the amount of weight you will be putting on it, and whether your stand can support it, and for more extended periods too.

The weight capacity also includes factors like how many people will be using the ladder stand at one time. If you think that you have to get more than one person atop the position, then can the ladder stand you are thinking about supporting the weight of those people without cringing and causing trouble?

Type of hunting activity you are going to engage in.

Picking out a ladder stand can be a hectic process, especially when you start sifting through the different hunting activities you participate in.

First, are you doing it alone, or you have company on the stand? Then, can the position you have in mind support two or more people? Moreover, for how long can it hold two or more people? It gets haranguing because most stands will sometimes topple down when the weight is sustained for too long.

If you are also hunting prey that moves a lot, then you have to think about whether the stand is easy to walk around with. Can the ladder be collapsed? Can one person carry it, or it’s so dense that you will need more than you to move it?


Hunting is more often considered a test of your patience more than it is a test of your skills. On most occasions, you will be sitting or standing on that stand for long hours, sometimes waiting for just the right moment to let 0ff the arrow. This in mind, you then have to think about how comfortable or uncomfortable you want your ladder stand to be.

The comfort aspect essentially will revolve around the size of the platform, and how it is designed. Stands with larger platforms are more comfortable. However, then, will the seats on the same platforms give you a sore bum?

Maintenance of your ladder

When you are hunting, your stand is the only thing that keeps you from dropping all the way down. Since each comes with joints and hinges, and harnesses, its maintenance has to be an issue of top importance.

Can you find replacement parts easily/ Does it rust easily? Can maintenance be done on your own, or you will need an expert? Does it wear and tear easily? All these questions are succinct when choosing a ladder stand for bowhunting.


Ladder tree stands are the cheapest type of equipment you will get in the market. They are also considerably of lighter weight than the other types of gear. For any hunter on a tight budget, getting one of those is a no-brainer.

However, do follow the tips. The only way to get the great ladder stands for your bowhunting activities is to think about what each ladder stand offers, and whether its affinity and efficiency to your needs.