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If you want to hunt big game like deer and boars, you have to use the right tools. Although skill is an essential factor in hunting, this article will focus on the weaponry you may use to make your kill and discuss the kind of fire power you need in air rifles to kill a big animal such as a deer.

Can You Kill a Deer With Pellet Gun?

The question that many amateur hunters advancing into the big hunt game face is that can a deer be killed using a pellet gun?

For readers who are beginner huntsmen, a pellet gun may refer to any firearm that fires small pellets of metal. Some people proclaim that pellet guns may be useful to injure your prey but it cannot be lethal unless fired from close range. Others say that it depends on factors like the FPE (Foot Pounds of Energy), FPS (Feet per Second) and the caliber of the firearm.


FPE refers to the kinetic energy of the pellet as it escapes the barrel of the rifle. Some avid bloggers on hunting proclaim that air rifles with 200 to 600 FPE are good enough to penetrate large animals. If you think about this intuitively, it makes a lot of sense. It is quite logical to assume that rifles with a higher FPE will have a better chance of piercing the skin of thick-skinned animal like a deer.


The second factor is the FPS which measures the velocity of the pellet as it escapes the gun. The FPS range that may kill a deer is from 615 to 827 FPS. It of course depends on the caliber of the gun, the distance from which you are taking the shot as well as the angle.

Finally, some bloggers proclaim that the caliber of the air rifle can be as low as .45 to hunt a deer. However, there are anecdotes of hunters who have successfully hunted with a 9 mm or .357. They claim that with today’s technology in air rifles, and with the right FPE and FPS, one can easily shoot down a large prey.

Apart from these, the distance at which you shoot and the angle are also important factors which you may learn as you move forward in your expertise level as a hunter. Moreover, each state’s law might differ on hunting deer with air rifles so you must check it before the purchase of the weaponry.

The 7 Best Air Rifles For Deer Hunting

Now that we know the various factors involved in hunting a big animal, I will list down a few pieces of fine weaponry you may use to achieve your purpose.

Gamo® Urban PCP Air Rifle

best pcp air rifle - gamo urban 22cal

Website: www.gamousa.com

Reg Price: $399.00

Check Price on Amazon:

The specifications of this rifle fall within the guidelines laid out above for hunting deer. Its fire power is 800 FPS with a .22 caliber. Moreover, it has a multiple shot capacity and fires 30 rounds per fill. The best thing about this air rifle is that it comes with “Whisper Fusion noise-dampening technology” which means that you can hunt your prey silently. This is truly a high-powered air rifle for deer hunting.

Sam Yang

sam yang pcp air rifle


Website: Korean Manufacturer

Reg Price: $699.00

Check Price on Amazon:

Another rifle in the big bore category is the Sam Yang. This rifle has a .45 caliber matched with 675 FPS. It has a 1 mm dovetail scope mount which enables you to spot your prey before you make your move. Available for a relatively low price for its awesome specifications, this rifle has the ability to kill large animals like deer.

Walther MaximaThor

walther maximathor 22cal pcp

Website: www.umarexusa.com

Reg Price: $850.00

Check Price on Amazon:

The deer you are about to hunt must certainly fear the MaximaThor. Loaded with a .25 caliber, 1150 FPS and a capacity to fire 8 rounds, this weapon is certainly effective. It comes with an adjustable trigger, 11mm dovetail rail, auto safety and a quick-fill adapter. It is priced like Sam Yang but if you have to choose, this firearm definitely surpasses the other one.

Hatsan Carnivore Big Bore

357 hatsan big bore air rifle

Website: www.hatsanusa.com

Reg Price: $754.99

Check Price on Amazon:

This is one of the best air rifles for deer hunting. Marketed with the slogan “The ultimate in air gun power”, the weapon remains true to its name. Specifications include a .35 caliber with 730 FPS which is exactly in line with our guidelines above. This gun certainly rates above expectations with its adjustable trigger, 11mm and 22mm Weaver® scope mount, QuietEnergy sound moderator and auto safety.

The accessories for this firearm include a sling and a bullets pack.

Benjamin Bulldog

benjamin bulldog .357 pcp hunting rifle

Website: www.crosnam.com

Reg Price: $849.99

Check Price on Amazon:

A truly remarkable piece of weaponry is this air rifle which comes with amazing specifications such as a .357 caliber, 800 FPS and most importantly a CenterPoint 4-16×56 mm scope along with its rings and covers. Although it is a high-end piece, but it is completely worth it. It also has accessories such as a rifle sling, bipod and a case for rifle along with a cleaner and a bullet pack.

Moreover, it is very much the silent killer with its “Baffle-less SoundTrap shroud” technology. The deer will never know it is being hunted till it is already dead.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing what kind of air rifle you require to hunt big animals is a challenging task. However, I hope that I have made this decision much easier by listing down these short high power air rifle reviews. From the options given above, you may choose a weapon based on your budget or technical specifications of the rifle.

In a nutshell, a combination of the right FPE, FPS, shooting angle, shooting range and the ability to fire multiple rounds may enable you to hunt a deer using an air rifle.

It is important to reiterate at this point that you must review your state’s laws about using this kind of weaponry. Some states may allow a .30 caliber air rifle whereas others limit it to .40 caliber. There are also restrictions regarding where you can or cannot hunt. Where hunting is allowed, special hunting grounds may be allocated. So, it is always good to be careful. Happy hunting!

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