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3 Best Quality Stiletto Knives For The Money Reviewed

  • November 29, 2017

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Stiletto knives are similar to daggers, with narrow, very sharp blade with a pointed tip like a needle. Because of its narrow blade, a stiletto knife can penetrate deeply into flesh despite its short length. Moreover, due to the light weight and compact size, it can easily be concealed and move around.

In the past – some hundreds of years ago, the stiletto was specifically used as a stabbing tool basically due to its simple yet efficient design. It is not suitable for cutting or slashing. During the early times, Knights usually move around with stiletto as an additional weapon to their main swords. This is mainly because it was very easy for the stiletto to fit through the chain gaps or mails in heavy gear to kill or wound an opponent.

Between 1930 and 1950, the stiletto became very popular with gangsters; they were mostly switchblades then, but now are folding stilettos. And this tool continues to serve as a concealable self-defense weapon today.

With the number of stiletto knives available today, it could be difficult to choose the best stiletto knife brand in the market. There is some useful information needed if you want to buy the best quality stiletto knife.

We have taken out time to do proper research on who makes the best stiletto knife, some factors to look out for when buying this weapon, and a review of the top 3 high quality stiletto knives to buy in 2018.

Things To Look For When Buying Best Stiletto Knife For The Money in 2018

The overall length of the knife

If you are searching for an excellent knife that can effectively from a distance, the length of the sword really matters. If you are buying for personal use in terms of home security, we recommend that you go for a stiletto knife that has an overall length of about 12” with the blade taking up 7 inches of the total length.

Weight & usability

The weight of a product has a lot to do with its performance. With a stiletto knife, the weight is a function of how easily and quickly it is to access this weapon in times of emergencies. We recommend that you go for one that is lightweight and compact in size for easy access.

Handle Material

The stiletto knife you intend to buy should have a handle that offers a firmer and convenient grip. The material used in covering the handle matters a lot and we recommend one that covered with high quality leather so that you can function with it perfectly.

Having looked at these factors, its now time to look at the best products to buy.

Best Rated Stiletto Knifes On The Market in 2018

Boker Plus V-42 Replica Devils Brigade Knife

The Boker Plus Brigade Knife has a fixed blade, and the blade is double edged, made of carbon steel and coated with a black finish. The handle is perfectly designed with compressed leather discs for easy and convenient grip. This knife was first produced way back in 1942, and was first referred to a V-42 Combat Knife. It was later upgraded to meet the standard of the American Special Forces, but became widely known due to its effectiveness on the war ground.

The length of the blade measures about 7 inches, a bit longer for a regular stiletto, but the total weight of this stiletto is still not up to half a pound. This knife comes with an amazing leather sheath to store it safely and for easy access.


  • A two edged sword
  • Designed solidly and beautifully
  • Made of high quality material
  • Light weight
  • Has a leather sheath
  • Meets military standard


  • Leather sheath not quality enough
  • No hollow grind
  • Handle can be improved

Cold Steel 4 Inch Ti-Lite Folding Knife

Cold Steel 26SPZ Ti-Lite 4 in. Folding Knife Black
List Price: $44.85
Price: $36.79
You Save: $8.06
Price Disclaimer

If you are in search of a compact pocket knife, you don’t have to look further because the final solution to your quest is here. The Cold Steel Ti-Lite knife is a well-known tool that has its origin from Japan. The blades are made from highly stainless steel and razor-like with pointing sharp ends. Moreover, this knife has other exciting features such as a nice finish coating, milled handle from aluminum billets, as well as amazing bead blasted surface.

The most thrilling of it all is that the Ti-Lite knife is legalized which means you can take it along with you to virtually everywhere. Also, the knife has a lock which helps keep it safely whenever it’s not in use and can be opened by you alone.


  • It is compact for easy carry
  • It less expensive than most brands
  • Has amazing handle
  • Easy to access from the pocket
  • Properly sharpened for effective use
  • It is versatile


  • Not too efficient for right handed folks as it is for left handed

TAC FORCE Tactical Rescue Foldable Pocket Knife

The TAC FORCE pocket knife is a good quality stiletto knife that is arguably one of the cheapest in the market. It comes in various finishes and the blades are manufatured from surgical grade steel that’s very hard and long lasting. This knife is also resistant to wear and corrosion which makes it best in the market. The blade length is 3.25”, a closed length of 4.5”, and a total length of 7.75”. It can be easily accessible during an emergency, thanks to its nice design.


  • It is very cheap
  • Has an amazing design
  • Blades are made from high grade material
  • Easy to access
  • Durable and sturdy


  • The clip’s screws get loosened sometimes


In the real sense, the three stiletto reviewed above all have excellent reviews. Choosing any of the products above will be enough to serve the purpose for which you need the knife. They are suitable for both personal home defense and military use as well as hunting.

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