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What Are The Best Hunting Blinds: 2017 Reviews and Guide

deer ground blinds camouflage

It wouldn't make sense to lose a game even before you could display your hunting skills, right?

So, how to have the advantage of getting a closer vision of your game and being able to target it more easily?

Well, purchasing a hunting blind would be a very smart decision. You would not only be concealed but also safe while you hunt.

On top of that modern day ground blinds are also mobile so there's no wonder why they have become a must accessory for the adventurous groups of hunters.

With that out of the way let's have a look what market has to offer.


While it may seem like a walk in the park for hardcore hunters, for people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about these hunting gear, things can be somewhat difficult.

That's why the top selling hunting blinds have be studied and presented here to help you in selecting one for yourself.

Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground blind

double bull hunting blind camouflage

The Primos Double Bull Deluxe is the real hunters’ choice. A blind built to last long is the most durable one you could ever zero on. The construction of the blind itself imbibes strength among the hunters. It comes with a number of features as well as many accessories.

The blind is based on the hub system that has been redesigned for the modern day hunters. It is said to be easy on the setting up part if you know the trick. However, it still remains a tough task to many. A peep to the manufacturer’s manual and the youtube videos would be a help though. Practice the setting up part 2-3 times earlier so that you do not mess up on the hunting day.

Check below video for more details on how to set it up:

Coming back to the material. Well the good news is that you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. The power hub frame is a trademarked product that is made up of high strength magnesium. The canvas material is also made up of heavy duty cotton and polyester. Together they mark durability and the stability of the structure.

The blind is a 60 inches by 60 inches set up for two people. The 70 inch high blind may not give a good standing position in case you want to use your bows. But it does give enough space if you want to sit and shoot.

The opening up of the blind is silent as it is completely without zippers. But with many draw straps and buckles, it is still quite easy to move out and in without disturbing your partner or your other equipments. The large window offers a 180 degree visibility. There are other windows for observation and for shooting as well. Spares include a shoot through mesh for the bow hunters. This mesh can be easily put and removed.

The pattern on the outside of the blind will satisfactorily get camouflaged with the landscape whereas; the inside of the blind is black to reduce visibility of any movements. The good part inside the blind is the ground flap that keeps the scent from going out. The blind is also light enough to be carried to different locations.

The double bull ground blind is regarded as the most appealing thing to the hunters with the space in it and the mesh for bow hunting. But the setting up has been a problem to many. Further the major drawback is that the material is not waterproof. So you would not want this blind in the rain prone hunting ground.

Barronett Big Cat 350 Hub Blind

hub blind in the woods
hub blind interior view

The Barronett Big cat 350 hub blind is yet another big choice that the hunters make for the blinds. This ground blind is more spacious that many others. And this is also the one that the bow hunters like. With a height of 80 inches, it has enough standing area for the bow hunters and for the hunters who prefer to stand and shoot. A hub style blind, it is also regarded as a pop up blind. It has been modified to pop up and take down easily and without much assistance.

With a footprint of 70 inches by 70 inches, it is a little small for being a 3 person blind as the manufacturers claim it to be. Though a height of 80 inches allows a person of average height to stand up and do his hunting and stretching of limbs. The interesting part is that the interior set-up size is 90 inches by 90 inches. This makes four people sit inside it quite comfortably.

The additional gear pockets put up inside blind help you in putting up your belongings. These pockets can also be used for brushing up the blind from inside which is otherwise blackened to reduce visibility of the occupants. The light weight of 19 lbs makes it easy for portability. The roof and the walls of the blind are water and weather proof giving you protection from the climatic changes while hunting.

Other features like no zippers, low windows, and removable shoot through mesh allowing different shooting options serve appropriately to the hunters. The two gun ports also provide alternatives to the hunters to shoot in standing or sitting positions as per their wish.

The big cat is available in two camouflaged patterns – The Blackwoods and the Blades. You can decide on the pattern depending on the location you choose for the hunt. The Blackwoods pattern gets camouflaged in the wooded area and the Blades are good to blend in the grassy and green area. The patterns give out 3-D representation of the foliage and the topography around it.

Overall the Barronett Big Cat 350 Hub Blind is the perfect thing for the hunters. It is priced reasonably looking at the durability and the features that it gives out. It is the best hunting blinds for the money.

However, one needs to be extra cautious while purchasing one, looking into the material. There could be some manufacturing defects for the material used like tiny holes in the fabric. Though easily replaceable, you may not wish to carry it all the way back to the showroom after having detected the defect at home. So take extra precaution for the fabric.

Barronett blind Pentagon

barronett pentagon camouflage 3 person
barronett pentagon interior

The Barronett blinds with its 5 sides is a huge structure and acts like the castle for the hunters. This blind has enough space for more than three persons. The pentagon structure gives stability to the blind. The Pentagon hunting blind is considered one of the best for deer hunting as it gives room and visibility that diminishes the other drawbacks of being ground hunting blind. The Barronett blind Pentagon is preferred mostly by the hunters going for crossbow hunting.

Even with its hub design, the pop up is fast. The footprint from hub to hub is a massive 96 inches. The height of the blind is 72 inches. But it is still a light weighted blind at just 20 lbs and is easy to carry around. The frame is built up of fiberglass poles and metal hubs that contribute in the stability of the structure. The blind is strong and holds a place between the hard sided permanent blinds and the modern pop up blinds.

The Barronett blind Pentagon would last the entire hunting season. It is best utilized when put a little before the deer hunting season for brushing in. It blends nicely with the oak grove or any other landscape that attracts deer traffic.

Ameristep Warlock Blind

ameri warlock 82 inch

The Ameristep Warlock Blind is just the thing for the desert hunting. The blind helps in concealing you as the hunter when you are out there in the desert or the arid regions where it is all the more necessary due to absence of terrain. Te blind is made in the Kryptek Highlander pattern. This camouflaged pattern is a high tech pattern used by the military units all over the world.

One can vouch on the effectiveness of the design. The patterns are put in such a way that it is difficult to make out the starting point of the blind and the point where the ground ends. Such patterns have been effective in eluding the attention of the pronghorn antelope, mule deer or turkeys which are known for their good eye sight.

The large vertical windows at the sides are also a unique feature of the blind. The full vision ensures smooth and comfortable archery shooting by the hunter. a hunter with an average height will not have any problems while standing for the shoot as the blind has a good height at 72 inches. The inside footprint is 65 inches hub-to-hub giving enough space to the hunter.

The fabric used in the blind is of good quality and is said to be treated with carbon. Such carbon treated fabric is claimed to be reducing the scent from spreading out of the blind. The blind lasts many hunting season. It definitely would be a good purchase at the low cost it is offered at.

The Ameristep Deluxe 2 Person Tent Chair Hunting Blind

2 person tent blind brown

The Ameristep Deluxe 2 Person Tent chair hunting blind is one of the most featured ground blind chaired if you low on your budget. The blind here is made of real good DuraShell Plus fabric that is supposed to be resistant to water, weather and insect. Further the rain drops falling on it also cause less noise making it a silent blind even in the rains. The pattern used on the outside is the trademarked Realtree Xtra camo pattern making it a good go in the wooded areas of hunting.

The round design of the blind makes it an easy thing to pop up and take down. There are six windows at the front and the side walls that are zipped and can be opened quickly when required. The hunter inside gets a good vision in the 61 inch wide circular blind. The blind is 52 inches deep and 20 inches high at the window. You need to keep your head and upper body truly concealed in case you prefer to keep the front window open which you might do in order to hit your target.

The dimensions of the blind are just adequate to accommodate two adults. The built in seats and the cup holders add to the comforts of the hunters. The blind comes in a case measuring 20 inches by 42 inches and weighing hardly 17lbs. the blind is easily portable.

However, there are some negatives also attached to this blind. The zippers used to hold the blind might cause some noise that could draw attention of the game. Hence one has to extra careful while opening the blind for going out of it. This may also cause many unsuccessful attempts.

Another flaw that has been noticed is the pinholes at the stitching. Hence one has be very careful again while buying the blind. The stitches should be given thorough inspection while buying and before going for the hunt.

The Ameristep Dove and Duck Hayhouse Blind

ameristep hayhouse camo

The product from Ameristep is a specialized one if you intend to hunt in the hay fields. Go for it if you wish to hunt the dove, the duck, the goose or any such game in the hay field. The blind again come in the low budget category but does not compromise on the quality.

The structure can be easily set up and taken down. The design of the blind is such that it has a fully opening mesh roof. The outer pattern is imitates the hay fields and get camouflaged in the surroundings in a great way totally undetectable by the dove and the ducks. A little brushings does wonders to the camouflage.

The blind is 60 inches square inside and 60 inches tall. The blind gives enough room to two partners to sit inside comfortably for the game. The roof hatch can be easily opened by pulling the rip cord. You and your partner hunter can now have an aim at the game and a shot can be fired from here. The fabric used in the blind is made of DuraShell Plus that is considered to be resistant to water and weather. The manufacturers claim that the fabric used is also resistant to the insects; which makes it last even longer.

There are more qualities in the fabric. It is a noise reducing one i.e. water falling on the blind does not make much noise. So the hunters inside can safely stay without being noticed even in the rains.

However, you need to be very cautious while making this purchase as there have been pinholes noticed in the stitching area and at the seams. It still is a good value for money when you intend to hunt the dove and the ducks at the hay fields.

Choosing the ground blind - few tips

Now comes the big question. With so many varieties of hunting blinds for sale, it is all the more confusing to the hunter who has taken up the skill recently and is without much of experience in selecting one.

Consider the following before deciding on your gear:

Consider the required size:

  • Decide on the size first. A big blind would make things difficult while folding them back for movement. Consider the size for just one or two of you.
  • If you are a bow hunter, then consider ground blind for bow hunting. This would have just the space for the standing and for pulling the bow that you would need to have for the shot.
  • If you are going to the shop for buying the blind, then get inside one to see if it is the right size for you.

The design and layout:

  • Go for the design and the color of the outside of the blind that blends with the environment if the hunting area. You need to be camouflaged. 
  • The hub blinds are more durable. But these are also heavier and bulkier. So these may not be good if you are hunting alone.
  • Choose blind that is made up of fabric that controls the body scent. This may be required to avoid being detected by body scent as well.
  • In case you hunt both ways i.e. using guns and bows, then you need to check on that as well. The ground hunting blind should have enough ports for both. It also should have an extra port for cameras in case you wish to short your game.
  • The blind should be of good quality to protect you from rain and heat as well as from the night temperature if you wish to stay long.
  • The window should be so placed so as to give you a 360 degree vision. Moreover the height of the window should also be taken into account so that you are comfortable with your bow or archery or even your gun.
  • You may go for the magnetic blinds i.e. blinds with magnetic windows. These are also convenient but may wear away soon.


  • Decide where to use the hunting blind and choose one accordingly. If you are putting it at an elevation, you should be able to shoot downhill comfortably. Further the blind should also get camouflaged easily.
  • Blinds with big windows may not be advisable if you are hunting deer and antelopes.
  • Go for durable blinds if you intend to reuse it. If you want to go hunting just once, you may take the cheap hunting blinds that wear away fast.


Consider the features of the blinds apart from the durability and the stability of it. The Barronett Big Cat 350 Hub Blind is highly rated by the users and is often said to be the Cadillac of the Hunters. Reasonably priced, the features of the blind are simply enormous with no loopholes noticed as yet. You get a hunting space for a group for the price that is again quite reasonable.

With careful research, thought and planning you are sure to get the best ground hunting blind for your purpose and money.

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