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3 Best Rated Leatherwood Scopes On The Market Reviewed

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What are the best Hi-Luxoptics in 2019?

The scopes have been an essential part of every sniper rifle since the WWII, and it’s hard to imagine a warfare without them. The Leatherwood scopes have played their part in the history as they participated in Vietnam and after that, in Iran and Afghanistan, as well.

Quality and adjustability to any conditions helped the soldiers to survive during the wartime, while the reliable performance and durability are only some of the good characteristics.

Obviously, we don’t need good scopes for war only, but they are also an integral part of hunting, and the hunters are looking to get the best scopes for their outdoor endeavors. 

So, after all these years, are the Leatherwood scopes any good to use in the latest technology era? Stay with us and you’ll find out as we take a look at three top Leatherwood scopes currently on the market.

Reviews: 3 Top Leatherwood Scopes Currently On The Market

Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR Review

hi lux 1-4x24 black side view

Whether you are hunting a wild game or you’re in the middle of a tactical mission, a good, reliable scope is what you need. This close-medium range (CMR) scope is designed for a close shooting situation, while multi-coated optics provides you a sharper target and brighter image.

A circular reticle is quite useful in the situations when it draws the target’s attention and has a horizontal crosshair, including the lower one, vertical. The lower crosshair is rather effective at up to 600 yards.

One of the excellent features is “Zero Locking System”, which makes this Hi-Lux CMR equipped with advanced technology and stability. The scopes are optimized to work in either red or amber circle dot reticle, while they produce a photographic quality image and a large diameter ocular lens.

The versatility of this mid-range scope is one of its biggest virtues and that’s why it found the place at the top of our list.


    Zero Locking System, the new and advanced feature

    Flip-up lens covers both on the front and rear

    Tri-Center spring tension allows adjustment of the elevation

    Special ranging reticle, effective in both close and long range

    Perma-Coat which is wear resistant and very durable

    The lower crosshair is good with .223 and .308 calibers

    Tube size is 30mm


    Good adjustments without notable imperfections

    Generous eye relief

    Excellent price, affordable to most buyers

    Long range, up to 400 yards

    Very good optics with excellent focus


    The illumination is not visible in bright light

    Lack of customer service, rather unresponsive

Leatherwood Hi-Lux 4 Review

hi-lux 4-16x44 black scope front view

This shockproof and durable Leatherwood Hi-Lux 4 is all you need for your outdoor adventure, whether it is a hunting or target shooting. No matter if the weather is foggy, muggy, or rainy, the protection which is strengthened with nitrogen is also waterproof and will face any conditions.

The accuracy of the reticle is quite amazing, while the fast-focus provides an easily detectable target. Shockproof is tested to 1,200 Gs and can easily hold any thumps and bumps as the recoil will not cause problems at all.

A low price and high quality are what makes this scope rather attractive for potential hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Considering it features, pros, and cons, it’s surely one of the favorites on the current market, and therefore, it takes the second place on this list.


    4-16X magnification

    Objective lens of 44mm

    Nitrogen purged and waterproof scope, making it adaptable to any condition

    Eye relief of 3”

    Approximate length is 13.5” and weight is 23 oz.

    Utterly Precise 1/4″ MOA for elevation adjustment

    Side focus which is easily accessible


    Affordable price, best price for quality on the market

    Turrets work without problems

    Excellent glass

    The sight picture is very clear and crisp

    Easy to adjust and handle

    Scope holds zero


    Can be blurry at maximum magnification

    Not good at long range, recommended for low-mid range

Leatherwood Hi-Lux ATR Review

hi-lux atr long eye relief 2-7x32 black

The Leatherwood Hi-Lux long eye relief scout rifle gives a shooter a unique feeling and comfort while shooting at targets at both near or long ranges. This Hi-Lux scope provides a maximum 13-inch eye relief which is not common with other scopes and makes it better in that regard.

It has excellent clarity and brightness, while the reticle can shoot out to 600 yards. That can be very useful if you’re hidden and lurking your prey in the wilderness, there is no chance it will be aware of your presence.

The lens is fully multi-coated while the finish is matte black, and the tube diameter is 1″. It is perfect for scouting when conducting your outdoor activities and hunting preparations. Although it took the third place on our list, this scope is among the best available on the market.


    Approximate weight is 12.3 Ounce and length is 10.1 Inches

    Exit pupil diameter is 17.7 – 5.9 Millimeter

    Eye relief is 13 Inches

    Objective lens diameter is 32 Millimeter

    Fully Multi-Coated Lens

    1/4 MOA adjustment click value

    Glass-etched reticle construction

    Shockproof, waterproof and fog proof, produces fantastic results in all conditions


    Perfect eye relief

    Taking aim quickly, sharply focusing on the target

    Variable power

    Positive and audible turret adjustments

    The optics are clear and bright

    The BDC reticle is easy to use

    A quite affordable price


    Poor customer support, unresponsive at times

    Not very durable design


We went through plenty of Leatherwood scopes reviews and one thing is certain – these three are some of the top options available you can purchase. Now, there can be a few different reasons for getting a Leatherwood scope, but the tradition and high-quality are definitely the ones that are attractive. Whether you plan to use them for low, mid, or long range, these scopes can do the excellent job of taking your hunt, target shooting, or tactical situation to the next level. 

The fact is that not everyone can afford an expensive rifle equipment such as pricey scopes, but this selection offers something for everybody’s budget, so it would be wise to consider it and thus save money and receive quality in return.  The important thing is that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, for any possible dilemmas and questions you can always read our reviews and stay in touch with us.

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