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Long Range Shooting: Tips and Techniques

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If you are passionate about long range shooting and are looking for the correct ways to implement it, this article is meant for you. It will help you with some tips and tricks related to long distance shooting that will come in handy for you.

Check the video below for some great advice on long range shooting technique:

  • Keep It Dirty: The first tip is to let your gun remain dirty. Do not clean it for the first twenty to thirty rounds and this will help you enhance your skills in long distance shooting. Strange but true! This sniper tip is followed by many of the professionals today.
  • Follow Through: This is another important step that should be taken by any hunter aiming at long range shooting. The basic concept here is to continue squeezing till the trigger is released.
  • Zero In: Another very important step would be to choose a gun that is not zeroed, or in other words, you can’t get three consecutive rounds from it at a distance of 100yards within one inch square.
  • Take Deep Breaths: Take deep breaths and shoot while you exhale. Experts opine that the few seconds of exhalation is the best time for the shot.
  • Maintaining a Shooting Log: Another effective long range shooting technique is to use a shooting log.

A shooting log is basically a measurement of your range, drop and drift over the time, for all your shots.

It will help you to identify your rifle's as well as your own flaws. This will, in turn, help you to identify the areas where you can improve yourself. Eventually, you will be able to become a better marksman.

  • Maintaining a Trajectory Card: Another technique is to maintain a trajectory card that will help you to determine your rifle's trajectory. For this, you need to select an appropriate bullet and an accurate load. The card should be prepared by shooting at various distances so that a fine tuning can be done.
  • Making a Range Diagram: You should also make a range diagram of your shooting by considering various distances. Also, take a note of the different landmarks. This will be a great technique to follow, especially when you have a partner to compete with. You can use square pieces of cardboard and keep them in your pocket for the purpose.

One also needs to adjust the cross hairs of the rifle properly in order to be more efficient at long range shooting. It is needless to say that a proper grip is also essential . Slowly, as you develop your shooting skills, you will be able to exercise a better grip and a better control over your rifle.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that your trigger finger should be able to operate better than than the rest of your hand. You can practice this even free-hand, that is, without a rifle.

Keep these in mind and watch yourself excel!

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