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Top 5 Military Grade Glasses on The Market Today Reviewed


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Taking a perfect shot needs ideal conditions, and every experienced hunter will tell you the same. A lot of variables affect you when you are hunting, and everything needs to be taken into consideration. You need the best possible rifle with a proper scope for a specific catch.

And weather conditions are critical, but they are out of your control. Windy weather with a heavy rain can stop you taking a perfect shot, but it is the same with sunny days when the light is so bright. And for those sunny days, you will need the best military tactical sunglasses in 2018

Your eyes are crucial when you are aiming, and you don’t want anything to obstruct them. The perfect shot needs a perfect time, and if something is bothering your eyes, you are not going to make it. But you can get yourself the best military sunglasses, specially made for shooting and hunting.

Bright daylight or blurry conditions at dusk and dawn could be tricky, and that is why you need the best tactical sunglasses.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Military Sunglasses

Military approved sunglasses are made to provide all protection your eyes will need. With proper military glasses, you don’t have to worry about bright or blurry light, flashes or dust and leaves that wind can bring to your face. When you are checking out the specification of particular military sunglasses, you have to focus on some features.

The most important thing is a type of lenses. The quality of the lens is a crucial feature on any glasses, no doubt. If you want to be satisfied with your purchase, you have to get glasses with the best possible lenses for your money. You can save up on certain things, but not on this one.

Some people, especially those with good eyesight, will tell you there is no worse thing than low-quality lenses. And with low-quality lenses, you will only get a distorted picture. Also, you have to check out lenses’ durability, because you don’t want something to hit and break them easily, and there will be situations with dust in the wind.

You should carefully select the color of the lens. If your eyes tend to squint in the sun, you should get blue, navy or black. But if your eyes don’t tend to squint on a bright sunlight, then you can choose a clear or yellow lens.

The second most important feature when you are searching for the best ballistic sunglasses is glare protection. The more of coating glasses have, the less is a chance that glare will harm your eyes. Most glasses on the market have 100% UV protection, but nowadays you can find military glasses with UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

And you have to be aware of one more thing – coated glasses can fog up more often, especially in wet weather conditions. But with no glare in your eyes, you have better chances to get a perfect shot.

Side protection and comfort are important, too. There are some products on the market which provide side protection so you can be sure nothing will sneak inside. The position of the nose guard and how it fits your nose can make you feel comfortable, but there is no way to find it out until you put sunglasses on your face. But you can be sure, most brands prefer one kind of nose guard design.

Reviews Of The Best Rated Tactical Sunglasses For The Money in 2018

And to help you find the best sunglasses for the military, we are going to show you the list of top five military grade tactical sunglasses in 2018:

LVXIng Sports Sunglasses LVX548 Review

With a quality polarized lens, this LVXIng’s sports sunglasses will eliminate glare, provide the better clarity and color contrast, and reduce eye fatigue. Different coating layers are on these lenses – UV protection layer, polarized layer, anti-scratch layer and shatterproof layer. Flexible frame is lightweight, durable and shatterproof, but also quite comfortable even when you are wearing it for a long time.

You can choose from five different colors of the lens, and each one has their advantages. Black lens is the best for eliminating glare and eye fatigue; Revo lens will give you the best color contrast; Blue one will filter the reflected light; Yellow lens is the best for night shooting, and some call it night vision lens, while the clear lens is the best choice for overcast and rainy days. You can quickly remove the lenses and replace them with others.

For a low price, you will get proper glasses for hunting, but you can find the frame a bit flimsy. But you will get a lifetime warranty on a frame and one year warranty on lenses.


  • Eliminates glare
  • Different coating layers
  • UV protection
  • Five different colors of the lens
  • Anti-scratch and shatterproof layer
  • Good quality for a low price


  • The plastic frame is a bit flimsy
  • No elastic belt

AO Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses Review

With a lovely, classic design, and quality made, this AO Eyewear’s sunglasses are such a beauty. They are specially produced to fulfill rigid military specifications. AO Eyewear is a favorite and trusted brand since 1958, and these sunglasses are one of the most popular us army sunglasses. Also, there is a story that Neil Armstrong wore this type of glasses on the Apollo 11 mission.

Distortion-free and polished gray glass lenses are scratch proof and chemically hardened for impact. They will provide excellent protection against glare, and full comfort in bright light conditions. Lightweight and durable metal frame will fit almost every size of the face. These military grade sunglasses offer 98% UVA protection and total UV and UVB protection.

If you choose these sunglasses, you will get a one-year warranty, and they will come in a nice case. You’ll pay a reasonable price, but you’ll get some of the best sunglasses for hunting.


  • Produced to fulfill military specifications
  • High-quality lenses
  • Excellent protection against glare
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • 98% UVA protection, total UV, and UVB protection
  • One-year warranty


  • Brand’s logo on a lens is annoying
  • Should be a bit looser

Smith Optics Hudson Tactical Sunglasses Review

These Smith Optics Elite’s tactical sunglasses are made for military professionals, and they meet US Military special heading. With an exclusive tapered lens technology, these good looking sunglasses will provide total protection from glare. The frame is durable and lightweight, constructed of unique materials. You will also get a 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

These sunglasses are a bit expensive, but you will get a great piece for bright light conditions. The only drawback is stress marks in the corners of the lenses. If you have an unlimited budget, you won’t find much better tactical sunglasses on the market.


  • Made for military professionals
  • Special tapered lens technology
  • 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection
  • Perfect for bright light conditions
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Great design


  • A bit expensive
  • Stress marks in the corners of the lenses

Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses Review

Special plutonite polycarbonate lenses are on these Oakley’s sunglasses, and they are cut from a single lens shield to keep their original contour. These lenses will provide great image during a bright sunny day, and they offer total UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Lightweight plastic frame, maybe looks cheap, but it is sturdy and durable.

You should know that lenses are non-polarized and for a high price, these sunglasses should feel more steadily. But the image and protection they provide, worth every penny. Everything on these sunglasses is quality made, and they could be a great choice for hunting and shooting.


  • Special plutonite polycarbonate lenses
  • Total UVA, UVB and UVC protection
  • Perfect for bright light conditions
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality piece


  • High price
  • Should be more stable
  • Non-polarized lenses

Enzo Date Polarized Daisy X7 Army Sunglasses Review

If you are looking for something cheap but still effective, you should check out these Enzo’s army sunglasses. They are specially produced for shooting, and with a four lens kit, you will get glasses for all weather conditions. Lenses are polarized and anti-glare, while they are providing a total UVA and UVB protection.

The specially made frame is comfortable, and you can exchange temples with a strap. These glasses come with two straps, original case, and a fabric bag. The logo on the lens could be annoying, and these glasses can fog up in some conditions. But for a low price, you’ll get a good quality military sunglasses.



  • Logo on the lens could be annoying
  • Can fog up

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Having the best military sunglasses is not just a trend in 2018, it is a need especially in bright light conditions. If you want to take a perfect shot, you will also need the best military grade sunglasses to protect your eyes and to provide clear images. And your eyes are crucial.

Before you choose a certain model of military sunglasses, think where you’re going to use them and be sure you are going to feel comfortable with them. We are confident that you can find the right glasses on our top five list.

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