The Most Accurate .22 Rifle You Can Buy in 2018 - Top 8 Choices

The 8 Best .22 Rifles For Accurate Shooting

four hunting 22 rifles laying next to each other

The .22LR rifles are the best choices for accurate shooting. It is an ideal gun if you want to start learning and then move to bigger calibers of 308 or 30-06. This type of gun is manageable, light and the ammunition for it is cheap.

Even if it is said that the legendary .22 gun is known to be a starter caliber, there are also many other options that can be selected if you want to buy the most accurate 22 rifle for your hunting trips.

It can also be very practical to use in many ways. If you were wondering what gun to buy for backyard plinking, you could choose a .22 rifle. This gun package contains hunting prowess at an affordable cost and one of the best cartridges for small game hunting.

Check the video below on what kind of .22lr rifles are available for beginner and advanced shooter:

Reviews: Top 8 Most Accurate .22 Rifles in 2018

Here is a list of three of the best .22 rifles you should consider to buy:

The Legendary Ruger 10/22

two ruger 10 22 carbines next to each other

Price: from $309


The semi-auto Ruger 10/22 is regarded as an American icon. It has been built since 1964 and it has never lost its popularity.

It has a great design; it is really easy to maintain and very reliable. It can be disassembled to change any part with some simple tools. The stock 10/22 gets its rounds through a rotary magazine that contains ten rounds. For those states with magazine capacity restrictions, Ruger has created five-round guns, but there is also a version of 25 rounds.

If you purchase this gun, you can also try the aftermarket coffin, box and drum magazines that have capacities of rounds from 25 to 110. For hunting, you should use the standard drum because it keeps the weight down.

You have a lot of factory and aftermarket options to choose from and they include more barrel styles and lengths and tactical stocks. The rifle includes a precision system that offers you the possibility to hunt squirrels from a hundred yards away or a close-quarter rapid fire for rabbits. The Ruger 10/22 is an excellent, light hunting and flexible gun.

The Marlin Model 60

brown marlin 60 side view

Price: $209


For over 50 years Marlin has been developing the Model 60 and it continues to be one of the best in its class. This rifle is known to be simple, inexpensive, accurate and robust and perfect for hunting small game.

This semi-automatic rifle has received a tubular magazine with 15 rounds situated under the barrel. The system is a little slow when it comes to reloading, but it can hold enough ammo for your hunting purposes. The fact that the magazine tube is made from brass gives it a great resistance to corrosion.

One of the strongest points of this rifle is the interesting barrel with its 16-groove micro rifling and the crown which is a high-quality one. This is the motive why it is so accurate. The receiver of the rifle has grooves that offer the possibility to mount scopes and this is why you can exploit it to its maximum. This rifle is really affordable and very practical for small game expeditions.

The CZ-455 American

brown cz 455 laying on wooden boards

Price: $421


Brno, the legendary Czech firm, has developed an update of their classic design. This rifle is an American version of their well-known, long-running bolt gun. It was intended to incorporate the new common receiver from Brno and a quick change barrel system. The CZ-455 American can also be purchased in a package that contains both .17 and .22LR barrels.

This is a perfect weapon for hunting with its high-quality barrel of 22.5 inches tied to a completely machined receiver. The trigger is adjustable and crisp and the detachable magazine contains five rounds. This exact model was designed especially for an optical sight, with its great walnut stock and high comb. The rifle does not come with standard iron sights and its receiver is tapped and grooved for scope mounts.

The Marling XT-22

model xt

Price: $239


If you are looking for the most accurate rifle for the money, going for the Marlin XT-22 wouldn’t be a wrong choice at all. This 22 bolt action was launched in 2011 and since then, it has been making waves in the gun industry. The basic design comes in various .22 caliber, but the .22LR with 7-round box magazine is the one to opt for. The XT-22 is well made, although it’s a conventional gun.

Also, the Marlin XT has various stock options, and one of them is the standard walnut and we think this option has the best look. But the synthetic options are more durable and begotten in camo. One of its features that most shooters neglect in this gun is the effective open sight feature that helps in short range shooting or against fast critters.

This gun has the capacity to accommodate a scope which helps for accurate shooting. With a price range of about $200 and above, we think this gun is a nice one that’s worth the money. It may not be as precise as other high-end guns, but it does a great job for hunting.


  • It is easy to adjust
  • It is well made
  • Offers high-level accuracy
  • Price is reasonably cheap


  • It’s a bit heavy

The Mossberg 715T Semiautomatic Rimfire Tactical Rifle

715t model

Price: $279


When searching for an accurate .22 rifle, it would be wrong not to mention Mossberg 715T Tactical. With a price tag of around $300, this amazing weapon is reliable and offers high-level accuracy which makes it suitable for fun shooting as well as varmint control without being too weighty on your wallet.

The external look of 715 is quite similar to an M-16 assault rifle, but the interior is a more conventional semiauto rifle. It has a dummy AR 15 cocking handle but the real one can be seen at the right of the receiver, so this may not be nice for practicing drills. However, if you want a military-pattern rifle that’s perfect for small-game hunting, then you can go for Mossberg 715T.

This tactical weapon comes with iron sights and built-in carry handle. It also has a short M1913 rail on the handle as well as 4 long M1913 on the RIS fore-end. This rifle is compatible with most military accessories and can also be used for pest control.

So if you want to eradicate rats and other pests, the Mossberg 715 is arguably one of the best .22 to achieve that.


  • It gives high accuracy
  • It has a beautiful design
  • The rails provide much fun to use
  • It is quite cheap


  • Jams after almost every shot
  • It is picky on ammo

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle

mp-15 model

Price: from $499


The Smith & Wesson MP comes with a lot of features that makes it resemble the Mossberg 715T yet carries a special brand name of Smith & Wesson. This M&P semiauto rifle has a tactical look and the designers of this weapon did an amazing job making this gun look highly sophisticated with a breathtaking appearance.

The M&P 15 rifle is one of the most accurate 22lr available on the market. It does an excellent job of providing you a fun filled recreational shooting. The front and back sights of this gun can be adjusted and it has a dust shield and forward assist.

The M&P semi-auto rifle is coated with a matte black anodized finish that offers maximum durability and strength. Although it is lightweight; by the way which is a good feature, it can withstand a long shooting session. It includes one 10-round or one 30-round PMAG magazine.

With these amazing features bestowed on this tactical rifle, it is rarely possible for it not to make any list of the best tactical rifles available on the market.


  • No jam or misfire
  • It is accurate and reliable
  • Made from high-grade material
  • Worth the money


  • An upgrade can still be done on it

Savage Arms Mark II Rimfire Tactical Rifle

savage arms model

Price: $534


Here is another great rifle on our list of the accurate .22lr rifle. The Savage Arms Mark II has an American design and has been in existence for so many years, yet doing great in the weapon industry. For a price of about $250, this gun has an amazing built and a quite reasonable magazine capacity that will shoot for a long time before reloading. When it comes to accuracy, the Savage Mark II is all you need to gun down those rabbits and squirrels.

The Savage Mark has a traditional bolt action that is fed from a 10-round removable box magazine, and a nice trigger that’s worth the price. Although it may not match some high-end guns, this weapon is perfect for hunting. It has stock options of both synthetic and wood. If you want a simple and portable gun for hunting and other tactical purposes, this gun will serve you well.


  • Offers accurate shooting
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with scope cover
  • Excellent for the price
  • It is lightweight


  • May not match some expensive rifles, but it’s quite okay for its price

Henry US Survival AR-7 Rimfire Rifle

henry model

Price: from $305


This is an amazing rifle that was first produced by Armalite design for the American Air Force before the Henry Rifles took over. If you are a hunter or gun enthusiast that spends much time outdoors, this is one of the best 22 rifles that will give you a wonderful hunting experience.

The lightweight of this gun even makes it more preferred by most gun users. It is compact and has an extraordinary design that can be broken into 4 components – the receiver, stock, barrel and two 8-round magazines.

It weighs just 3.5 pounds and the length of the barrel is 16” which makes the entire package only 16.5” when stowed.

15 and 10-round magazines are available, and there are various models like the Armalite, Henry and Charter Arms.


  • It gives accurate shots
  • It is lightweight
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Highly functional


  • Not as sophisticated as high-end weapons

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The Best 22 Pellets You Can Find To Purchase

Sometimes, hunters use air gun pellets as a regular ammo. There are two great examples of pellets that can be exactly what you were looking for:

JBS Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber Pellets

jumbo cal 22 pellets 200 pcs


This type of pellets is known to be one of the top .22 pellets and high-quality ones you can purchase. Before they are offered for purchase, each pellet goes through a thorough inspection made by quality control experts. The Monster .22 Caliber Pellets are chosen above others because they are performance oriented and they are perfectly stable and accurate at any power level, even at 50J or more. They are made in the Czech Republic.

Crosman LPH .22 Caliber Hollow Point Pellets

crosman 22 caliber 500 counts


The Crosman LPH Pellets are purchased based on their great reviews. This type of pellet offers a great hunting experience while being one of the most accurate and efficient pellets on the market. Lead represents the used coating material. It delivers more damage when shot and this is known to be a bonus for hunting. The weight of a pellet is around 14.3 grain and it also represents a hollow point.

Each tin contains 500 pellets. An Amazon reviewer made a great description of these pellets: “it will penetrate at least half an inch into a wet phonebook at 30 feet and cuts clean through a tin can at 50 feet”. This type of pellet is very important for those who want to go hunting, but they would like to use something else instead of real bullets.


Choosing the best .22 rifle for your hunting needs is not an easy step in 2018. There are many guns that fit the description and it would be best if you decide carefully what to buy. An ideal gun can help you a lot on your hunting trips and it can be a valuable resource in achieving the planned goals.

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