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4 Most Accurate Gun Powder Dispensers For The Money

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Choosing the most accurate gun powder measure is a heavy task. There isn’t enough time to research or test different products to know which of them is better. However, we have made everything easy for you by providing information on some great brands out there. Your only duty is to read and make a decision based on your budget and needs. Read on!

Things to consider before buying powder measure

Before going further in the powder measure reviews, there are things you must know about when making selections. There are factors you should have in mind when searching for good quality powder reloading tool. When you know what you are looking for, it would be much easier to make the right choice.


The cost of this accessory is the first thing you need to consider before choosing one. You will find different prices on the market and the choice you make will depend on your budget-size and quality of the product. Buy an accessory that offers value and isn’t that expensive. But never break the bank for a product you were told is expensive because the quality is better.


If you take time to read powder measures reviews you would discover that precision is one of the things users are looking out for when making selections. There is the manual powder measuring tool but most people prefer the electric powered model because of the issue of precision and accuracy. Most good quality measure powder comes with a precision metering chamber to provide the actual amount of powder you want to make use of.


The reason for finding the most accurate gunpowder dispenser is not only for accuracy but to speed up things. The reloading is a very important aspect of the overall activity. But it could be time-consuming and physically draining. A well-calibrated powder measure accessory is highly needed to save time and increase the speed of the reloading operation

Top Accurate Powder Measures On The Market in 2018

Hornady Lock-N-Load

If you are looking for a budget but accurate powder dispenser that works with any powder you place in it, Hornady is what you should get. It is the super accurate and advance powder reloading accessory you will find at this price range.

The Hornady is capable of loading as little as the smallest handgun cartridges. You can use it as a standalone measuring device or integrate into the Hornady’s lock system. It has multiple mounting systems and push-button release functions that make it much easier to operate.

The push button allows you to choose different powder types and settings. The Hornady has one of the largest charge ranges you will find at this price point. In fact, considering the ease of use and tons of other features, it is safe to say that the Hornady is the best powder measure on a budget.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Very easy to operate
  • Multiple mounting systems


  • Does not come with a funnel or stand


RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

Mounting the RCBS Uniflow is a breeze. Unlike other powder measures, the RCBS has a stand plate designed in such a way that you can mount under the reloading die lock ring or on a bench.

The charges it throws are accurate, reload after reload. In fact, the way the powder pours into the brass case from the measuring cylinder will astonish you. The uniformity of this reloading process is ideal because it eliminates hazards caused by overloading.

The RCBS Uniflow has a charging capacity of 50 grains. It drops powder consistently and evenly. In fact, it doesn’t leak with smaller-sized powders. It makes reloading much quicker and is very easy to operate. Overall, it is the best powder measure for the money.


  • Accurate
  • Quick reloading
  • Very easy adjustments


  • Not easy to clean up

Lyman Powder Measure

Lyman Powder Measure
Price: $110.57
Price Disclaimer

Lyman is a well-recognized name in the reloading niche. Their powder measure is constructed with premium quality equipment and built for exceptional durability. It is precision is unfailing thanks to its 55 inches adjustable cavity with three slides.

The Lyman reloads charge after charge with great accuracy. You can conveniently adjust the depth and width of this powder measure to provide consistent charges and this works well with almost all powder.

The universal use and versatility of this powder measure make it ideal for highly demanding reloading tasks. It is smooth and very easy to use. In addition, mounting is also very easy but you have to purchase the Lyman mount separately.


  • Very easy to mount
  • Reduces reloading time
  • Great for both first timers and pros


  • Storage cylinder can’t be detached for easy cleaning

Lee Precision Powder Measurer

The Lee Precision is a product of Lee, one of the finest reloading builders in the business. Lee is famous for delivering high quality and affordable reloading tools suitable for entry-level users.

The Lee precision isn’t just affordable but does what it is meant for. It works well for charges between two and over 100 grains. Though may not be ideal for a variety of handgun calibers, it measures charges accurately for rifles.

The tool is calibrated by volume and not weight. It leaks a bit with finer powder but the instruction manual advises users to tighten the handle well when such occurs with finer powder. In fact, this is the most accurate powder measure reloading tool you can get at this price point.


  • Easy to clean
  • Well-constructed
  • Charges are quite consistent


  • Leaks a bit with finer powder


Choosing the most accurate powder measure isn’t going to be easy. With the different options in the market, it is possible for first time buyers to choose a brand they might not be comfortable with. We have highlighted some of the popular brands that have performed so well. It is left for you to decide on which of them suits your budget and needs after reading details of each product.

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