Top 3 Most Powerful Slingshot 2018 Reviews (Not Only For Hunting)

3 Best Rated Slingshots For The Money Reviewed

man aiming with professional slingshot

The most powerful slingshot has the capacity to shoot a BB just like guns. But unknowing to most people, whenever they hear the word slingshot, they attribute it to kids’ stuff.

This ‘Y’ shaped weapon has a vulcanized rubber band and can be used for both hunting and other tactical purposes. Many expert hunters are now adding the tosser to their weaponry because they are more natural and easy to use than guns.

If a slingshot is well assembled and matched with nice firing projectile, it could turn out to be an amazing hunting weapon or survival tool.

What To Look Out For Before Buying

There are some factors to consider if you truly want to land one of the most powerful hunting slingshot. Having the right information will help you avert any form of ignorance that can lead to the wrong choice. Below are what you need to know when buying a tosser.


This is one good way to determine an efficient product. A professional slingshot should come with numerous exciting features to improve performance. How durable is it? Is it lightweight? Does it come with laser or flashlights? These are few of the key things to note.


A slingshot is designed in such a way that it won’t need further maintenance. But it is advisable that the bands are well handled to boost longevity. Keep all spare bands away from sunlight, and endeavor to buy high-quality slingshot bands that will serve you for a longer time.


Since there different brands and manufacturers of hunting slingshot, you expect to have different prices. The features of a single product have a lot to talk about its price. You can get one for as low as $10 and as high as $130.

Before using a tosser, you may want to check if it’s legally acceptable in your state because there are some restriction in some states.

Having said that, buying the most powerful hunting slingshot requires a great effort from you. Some people, out of ignorance, have made the wrong choice and ended up wasting their hard earned money on substandard tools.

To make it easier and less daunting for you, we have put together a review of the most powerful handheld slingshots to buy in 2018.

The Scout

scout model

If you are in search for the best slingshot for hunting and small game, search no further because the Scout model is durable and highly versatile for various purposes.

When it comes to this kind of products, the main challenge faced is getting a band that matches the design of the tosser. Thankfully, the Scout is designed to match virtually all kinds of bands.

The strength of this model is another great factor that sets it on high. It is made of a high-grade polymer that requires no further maintenance and will not break.

Although the Scout hunting sling is versatile, its strength is hugely dependent on the type of band used with it. It neither has wrist strap nor mounts for a laser or flashlight, but that doesn’t stop it from making our list of top 3 slingshots because it is still comfortable to use.

This gear is a typical example of a classic hunting tool and the mode of operation is easy and simple to understand. It has a rugged and firm grip to hold on during shooting. It is completely made in the United States and worth every penny placed on it. If you are set to explore a slingshot for hunting or other tactical needs, giving the Scout a try wouldn’t be a bad idea.


  • It is suitable for all kinds of rubber bands
  • It is constructed in the United States
  • It is made of high-grade polymer
  • It has a comfortable grip


  • Design is basic
  • Doesn’t have wrist strap

Professional Wisdoman Stainless Steel Slingshot

This is a professional slingshot with numerous amazing features for a thrilling hunting experience. The frame is uniquely designed in such a way that it can allow up to 6 rubber bands to be attached to it. It comes with a comfortable hand strap and solid handle for convenient use.

Looking at the materials in which this exceptional model is made from, you are sure of enjoying a durable and long lasting hunting tool. The frame is of stainless steel, while the handle is made of aluminum. It is lightweight and has other features including a magnet that helps to hold ammunition, 50 ball bearings, soft fabric arm strap, and free rubber bands.

The Wisdoman is specifically designed for outdoor events such as hunting and other tactical shootings. If you are looking for a slingshot for hunting, it is hard to find another better than the Wisdoman product.


  • Has multiple bands
  • Magnet included
  • Made strictly with metal
  • Comes with an arm strap


  • It is quite large
  • Bands are not easy to get.

MoreFarther Professional Slingshot Set

This is another professional slingshot that has gained popularity over the years and it is designed to hunt small animals successfully. This super good tool is affordable and can easily be bought online. It is suitable for a wide range of shooting and you can be assured of enjoying the purpose for which it is bought.

It comes with two rubber bands, a screw key, and 200 steel ammo balls. The MoreFarther comes with laser and flashlight for accuracy when aiming at a subject.


  • It is durable
  • Has a sturdy handle
  • Comes with laser and flashlight
  • Has numerous accessories
  • The wrist support frame gives extra comfort


  • Assembling is done by yourself
  • The bands are not very durable


This is our list of the most powerful slingshots available in the marketplace. They fall within average price and are suitable for both hunting and other outdoor recreations. Picking any one of these products will serve you right.

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