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Best Night Vision Scope 2019 Reviews

rifle with 3x42mm night vision riflescope

Here you can find the best night vision scope to buy in 2019. You will find reviews of very good quality night vision scopes for every budget.

When you are hunting at night, having the best buy night vision scope is essential. No matter if you are hunting a coyote, a bear or moose, night shooting is a unique type of hunting where you need all your knowledge, technique and equipment to get the satisfying results. Sometimes, when you are hunting in the darkest of nights, your gear could be a decisive factor.

Best Night Vision Scopes For Every Budget - 2019 Reviews

If you are on a limited budget, and you want an inexpensive night vision scope which is still good, then you need a proper research. To help you with a selection, here on the list you will find the top quality optic for sure.

Best Night Vision Scopes Under 1000 Dollars

ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Night Vision Scope

The producer said this is a smart riflescope, and it surely is. With a GPS for a better elevation and a smartphone controlling using an Android and iOS applications, this scope is one of the most interesting pieces on the market. You can record videos of your adventures or even stream it live (if you have a Wi-Fi), so the fun is guaranteed.

This ATN smart scope can be used at night, but also during daylight. It has a patented smart rangefinder, and with only two clicks, you will find how far the target is. The reticle will adjust the point of impact, so you won't need to calculate or to guess anything. With a 3-14x magnification, this scope provides a bright and clean picture, but it can be blurry at the maximum, especially at night. Up to 100 yards, you won't have any problems.

The main issue is batteries because this smart riflescope is eating them. If you are recording or streaming live video, you will need at least four batteries for one hour. Additionally, you will need a micro SD card if you want to use the full potential of this scope. But when you look at all night vision scope reviews, this one could be the best buy.


• GPS and smartphone controlling

• HD camera so you can record your adventures

• Wi-Fi live streaming

• Smart range finder will help you finding out how far the target is

• Bright and clean picture with a Powerful 3-14 times magnification

• Night and day rifle scope


• A battery eater – you will need a lot of batteries if you want to use all gadgets

• A micro SD card is not included

Yukon Photon Coyote Hunting Night Vision Scope

When we are talking about cheap night vision scopes, then we have to mention this Yukon product. It has a titanium body which is quite durable and a pretty good multicoated objective lens with a 2.5 times magnification. It will provide a crisp and clear picture, and an infrared illuminator will improve the night vision on a longer distance.

The mount is specially made to fit all types and designs of rifles, and you will still be comfortable when using it. It could be a great ar 15 night vision scope allowing you to track the animal on medium and long ranges. You will need two AA batteries, and they will last for about 50 hours (without using IR), which is good news.

This night vision scope is inexpensive, so it has some drawbacks. It has a small field of view, and if you hunt in the woods, you could have problems with a blurry image when you quickly move your gun. But it is accurate and robust build for the price.


• Durable, reliable, and strong made scope

• Multi-coated lens with a 2.5x magnification will provide clear picture

• Specially made to fit all types and designs of rifles

• The batteries will last for about 50 hours without using IR

• Small price makes it affordable


• A small field of view can be annoying

• Images can be blurry if you move the rifle quickly, especially in the woods

Sightmark SM18015 Photon Night Vision Scope

This scope is built with a particular ceramic optical ruggedized engine (CORE) image tube which will give you the best night vision picture. It is also shock protected, and it has multicoated optics which all provide better performance at night. The reticle is illuminated, and you can adjust the brightness, while the detachable infrared illuminator will help you be more accurate.

The body is of aluminum, but this is not a lightweight scope, and with 3 lbs more on your gun you'll need some practice. It is durable and water resistant, and if you choose this scope, you will get a limited two-year warranty. For longer shoots, you would like a better IR illuminator, or with a new addition, you can use both. But for a long distance shooting at night, this is a nice choice for the affordable price.


• Built with a unique CORE image tube

• Great all around product

• Shock protected, with multicoated optics

• Illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness

• Durable and water resistant – a strong made piece


• A bit heavy (3 lbs.)

• For long distance shooting, you'll need a better IR illuminator

Best Night Vision Scopes Under 500 Dollars

Bushnell 4.5X40 Equinox Z Digital Night Vision W/Mount

You will certainly notice that this model is looking like a little gun. And it is a very affordable night vision scope but with good performance on the field. Multi-coated optics provide clear and bright images, and with the unique lighted reticle, you can set it to fit any light condition during the night or a day. Up to 100 yards, you will get a clear picture.

Lightweight but still solid made, the scope is a waterproof and a durable scope which can be easily mounted on an AR handle. But it certainly has a short eye relief so it could be a problem for some users. Also, on a 1x magnification hold over marks are too small and can be useless.


• Solid performance for a low price

• Multi-coated optics for clear and bright images

• Adjustable lighted reticle for any light condition during night (or a day)

• Solid made, waterproof, and lightweight

• Excellent addition for an AR 15


• A short eye relief can be annoying

• On a 1x magnification hold over marks are too small

Sightmark Photon RT

This Sightmark night vision riflescope has multiple reticles for a better accuracy - two duplex reticles, two crossbow reticles, a German style reticle and a special reticle for holdovers and range finding. With a 4.6x magnification, this scope will provide crisp details even over 100 yards, and it has a nice and bright IR illuminator.

It has a unique feature which offers you to capture everything you see through the video output, and this can be quite useful. The digital device will also provide an elevation and windage adjustment. The controls are on the left-hand side, so sometimes it could be awkward for right-hand hunters. The field of view should be bigger, especially for close range shooting. Maybe it is not the best scope on the market, but it is a solid piece for the money.


• Multiple reticles for different types of hunting

• Great 4.6x magnification provides crisp images even over 100 yards

• Capturing through the video output

• Digital adjustment for elevation and windage


• Controls are on the left-hand side

• Small field of view, especially in the close range shooting

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Night Vision Scope

black night vision scope with bag

This Firefield night vision riflescope has a full titanium body so you can bet it is durable and well-crafted, but it is also a little bit heavy. It will provide a beautiful quality image with a good resolution, but you can also quickly change optics if you want something different. An excellent 42 mm lens will give you a better light gathering and a three times magnification is pretty powerful so you should have a clear sight.

The reticle is illuminated, and you can adjust the brightness, and this could be helpful when you are adapting to a new terrain. This particular night vision scope will be an excellent addition for medium range shooters, and it holds a zero very well. The price is affordable so that you will get a solid quality for your money.

But it has some drawbacks – the mount isn't made well, so you will definitely have some issues with it. Also, some users with a bolt action gun don't recommend it for this type of a rifle. You will need a couple of AA batteries, and you should always have a spare in your bag.


• Durable and well-made titanium body

• Nice 42 mm lens and a three times magnification for a clear sight

• Illuminated red reticle with adjustable brightness

• Holds a zero very well

• Excellent addition for medium range shooters

• Solid quality for your money


• A little bit heavyweight

• The mount is an issue

• Don't use it with a bolt action gun as it doesn't fit well

• Always have a couple of spare AA batteries

ATN Aries Mk.390 Gen 1 Paladin

black 4x magnification scope

This heavyweight and sturdy night vision riflescope has a 4x magnification and removable IR illuminator for better accuracy, while multicoated optics provide bright and clear images. It also has a special red on green reticle system with adjustable brightness. Fog and water resistant, this ATN product has a limited two-year warranty, but it will last for years.

It is a great scope for open areas, but some users found it limited in the forest. You will need to get used to it because it is vast and heavyweight, but it's a reliable choice for an affordable price.


• High accuracy thanks to removable IR illuminator and a 4x magnification

• Provides bright and clear images

• Special red on green reticle with adjustable brightness

• Sturdy made, fog and water resistant

• Durable scope with a limited two-year warranty


• Big and heavyweight

• Restricted to the forest

How To Buy Good Quality Night Vision Scope - Guide

If you are experienced hunter with a lot of nights spent in a shooting, then you will certainly know what to look for when you need an affordable night vision scope. But if you are a beginner who wants just cheap night vision rifle scope, then you have to pay attention to a few things.

First, you have to know on which rifle you are going to use it and be sure you will be able to mount it. Then look at optics which should be multicoated to provide clear and bright images even in the dark nights. If the scope is shockproof then it's a bonus. When you are tracking the animal, you want a crystal clear view, and that is essential.

Magnification is necessary so the scope should have at least 3x magnification, but be aware of a small field of view. It could be tricky especially for close range shooting. Scopes with a bigger field of view will provide more comfortable hunting.

The reticle has to be bright, and if it is adjustable, you will get a more precise view. IR illuminate should be useful at least at 60 yards, but you can find even better for a low price. Digital gadgets could be helpful and funny, but don't get distracted. It is nice if you can live stream, but you should hit the target when you are doing it.

Choosing a waterproof and sturdily made night vision model is an excellent selection, but you have to worry about weight. If you pick a heavyweight scope, it can affect your hunting performance while you get used to it.


It is not easy to select the top quality night vision optic in 2019 and that’s why we are help to help and assists you in your decision making. Make sure you read our text carefully, and there is no doubt you will make the right decision.