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Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call Reviews

camo alpha dogg from primos front view

With the several decades of history and quality, Primos earned hunters’ trust from all over the world and now proudly presents the alpha dog predator call, one of the top products of the sort on the market. This is a must-have device for any hunting enthusiasts, as it helps in gathering the predators and wild game in no time with the powerful speaker system.

The scouting is a very important step in the hunting process and routine so that this system can play a significant role in your hunting endeavors. So, next time you’re out in the wilderness, this fantastic piece of technology can do miracles for you and bring all the beasts to your shooting range.

Get the predators in one place with the alpha dog caller

Equipped with six Expert Hunts™ and 75 original sounds, this system will provide a useful technique in gathering the predators in the specific area. The pair of powerful speakers allows you to cover 180 degrees thanks to its rotation and also covers huge space thanks to the dynamic and piercing sound.

This great device is quite easy to use and can be handled with a single hand, providing a quality sound at a range of 200 yards. It also produces distortion-free sounds and has a 2.5″ LCD to help in organizing them by species such as bobcat, coyote, fox, etc. If 75 different sounds are not enough, you can always add more and remove some of them, if needed.

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Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call Features

  • Rotational speaker system which produces the exact sounds of the real predators
  • Includes a full-color display on the remote controller for easy use
  • Comes with 2GB internal memory so you can download up to 1000 sounds
  • Audio in and Audio out ports included
  • USB cable port included
  • Two pairs of elevated legs for grounding
  • Camouflage design, excellent for outdoors
  • Works on 8 AA batteries for the base and 3 AA batteries for the remote controller


Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call Pros and Cons

Like every other product, this one also has its good and bad characteristics, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Great value for the money
  • Loud and functional sounds
  • Solid built and beautiful design
  • Easy to use remote controller
  • Handy legs for elevation so you don’t have to find a way to elevate the device off the ground by yourself
  • Can store up to 1000 different sounds
  • Battery life is long, and you don’t have to charge it frequently


  • A bit complicated while downloading the new sounds on the device
  • Poor file management, it’s hard to find sounds in a specific order


After the thorough research of the product and after we looked at numerous primos alpha dogg reviews, we conclude that this device definitely deserves a chance and will come handy in calling the predators. Not only that, it will assist you in the hunting of the wild game, but it will also protect your domestic animals or livestock from the blood-lusting predators such as coyotes, foxes, bobcats, pumas, etc. It certainly gets a high recommendation from us.

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