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5 Best Shooting Rests For Rifles Reviewed

  • September 18, 2017

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If you like hunting or sports and you’re looking to improve accuracy while shooting, you might need the best shooting rest to help you with that. You need a quality equipment that will not affect your shooting, while shaky hands and faulty equipment also can cause problems while hunting, so that’s why you should consider getting the best rifle rest.

Different Types of Shooting Rest

There are different types of shooting rests currently on the market, but the most common variations are the following:


They are good in providing stability and adjusting to various terrains, making it easier to shoot during hunting. The traditional shooting rest is quite lightweight as most of them weigh less than five pounds, and are a solid investment for hunters who use smaller calibers.


Probably the best shooting rest, it will provide a massive recoil reduction, giving you the opportunity to perform different shots without ending with sore arms and shoulders. The Lead Sled architecture will not let recoil to affect the rifle as it will be absorbed by the robust and sturdy structure of the rest, so it can reduce recoil up to 95%. Unlike the traditional version, with the lead sled, you can use whatever caliber you like, no restrictions.


It is also widely known as the front rifle rest and similar to the traditional type, but the main difference is that the bench rest is designed for shooting competitions and therefore, it requires great mobility and fast movement. So, if you are an amateur or professional athlete, the best bench rest is exactly what you need.

Best Rated Rifle Shooting Rests For The Money in 2017

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus

Caldwell is the most recognizable brand that makes the best shooting rest and for the affordable price, you’ll get high-quality. Thanks to the lead shots for stability, the recoil is quite reduced, while the bigger surface area also plays a big part in it.

What guarantees your aim to be on target is a special elevation ram that will reduce up to 95% of recoil and is most suitable for slug guns and magnum rifles, but it has to be considered as the best shooting rest for ar15 as well. It is made from leather and metal, so this shooting rest is highly durable, while the screws will stand in their place and you don’t have to worry about tightening them up.

When it comes to comfort, this Caldwell rest provides excellent comfort, while the knobs are easily manageable, so you can adjust your target as you wish. You can shoot how much you want, and in the end of the shooting round, you don’t have to deal with sore shoulder or arm. The flexibility of this rest is considerably good and it weighs 15 pounds only, so you can carry it from one location to another without problems, making it a great portable rifle rest.


  • Reduces recoil to minimum
  • Pretty lightweight shooting rest
  • Excellent adjustments
  • Great for extended shooting and zeroing
  • Quite an affordable price


  • It takes time to set up between the shots

Caldwell DFT

This Dual Frame Technology shooting rest is excellent for professionals and those who are competing in the sports arena. Thanks to the sturdy design, the recoils is heavily reduced and it is considered as one of the best shooting rest for rifles. The Caldwell DFT is very durable because of the materials like strong metals, but even though is quite rigid, this rest has numerous holes and places that are hard to clean, so you will have to spend some time maintaining it.

It is not hard to assemble thanks to the excellent and detailed instructions and tools that are included in the package, so you will need around 25 minutes to set it up. The rounded bottom has a rubber surface, but it still can move a bit while shooting. It is heavier than the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus by some five pounds, but nonetheless, it is rather flexible and can hold virtually any type of weapon.


  • Dual frame technology reduces recoil
  • Elevation adjustments and fine windage
  • Quite sturdy and durable
  • On of the best benchrest in the market
  • Not complicated to assemble


  • Relatively heavyweight rest
  • It takes time to maintain

P3 Ultimate Gun

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise
List Price: $130.00
Price: $130.00
Price Disclaimer

Probably the only brand that can compete with Caldwell, the CTK Company created this shooting rest to have surface that is supported by three rubbers, which are excellent in absorbing shocks, and although the metal part can create vibrations, the recoil is greatly reduced. Thanks to the easy accessible edges and with no additional holes and parts that are hard to reach, this shooting rest is quite easy to clean and maintain.

Almost any rifle type can fit nicely, thanks to the Y rest, while the accuracy is pretty good as well. This product is rather durable as it has a PVC foam and thick rubber that will last for years. The rifle virtually cannot move when shooting, providing an excellent comfort, while it is very flexible and can hold rifles and also guns.


  • Perfect for all firearm shapes and dimensions
  • Provides stability thanks to the wide base
  • Quite easy to maintain and clean


  • Could be a bit less expensive

Caldwell FCX

Like its predecessors, this shooting rest also provides up to 95% of recoil reduction, making it easy to get back on target after the fired shot. With the wide and steady platform, this Caldwell model is the best rifle shooting rest and it’s excellent for sighting in. Still, it has knobs and holes for adjustment that can be a real nuisance when it comes to maintenance.

The versatility of this rest is another upside as it can accommodate pretty much any gun such as muzzleloader, rifle, or shotgun. Accuracy and precision are guaranteed because of the great crosshair alignment, making it suitable for long range shooting. With the weight of 27 pounds, it is not very easy to carry it around, so it takes a bit of effort when you want to relocate from one position to another.


  • Precise crosshair alignment
  • Good for long range shooting
  • Recoil reduction up to 95%
  • Can accommodate almost any gun type


  • A bit heavyweight rest
  • Not easy to maintain and clean

Caldwell Rock

Last but not least, this Caldwell model is the best suitable for the shooters who are seeking for great mobility, so Rock BR can be considered as one of the best portable rifle rest you can find in the market. It concentrates more on mobility than on recoil reduction, but it is quite sturdy thanks to the leather and metal construction.

As it is the case with other Caldwell models, this one is also a bit harder to clean because of the many screws and holes that are not easy to reach. It is relatively easy to set up, though, and it provides great comfort, which can come handy for the bench competitors, and therefore, the Rock BR is likely the best rifle bench rest.


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Quite an affordable price
  • Excellent for bench shooting
  • Sturdy and durable shooting rest


  • Not the best in recoil reduction

What to look for when choosing a shooting rest?

Before making a purchase, you must consider the following things in order to select the best product that is suitable for you.

1.    RECOIL

The shooting rest can reduce recoil for minimum 90% and therefore, handling the rifle will be much easier, while the accuracy will be better. In order to reduce recoil, you should look for a rifle shooting rest with the surface that is wider than usual.


It is a very important thing and the rest should be made from a metal, which is quite durable and sturdy. Also, if you want your shooting rest to last longer, maintaining it is crucial, so it is best to choose the rest with surfaces that are easy to reach and clean.

3.    SAFETY

The rifle rest that doesn’t move when it comes to shooting is quite important for your safety. If the rifle is firmly held, then the aim will be better, even in case the recoil appears.


Choosing a lower quality shooting rest will have consequences to your weapon as it might scratch the metal of the rifle or even cause some alignment to pop out when shooting. In order to minimize the recoil of the rifle, it is recommendable to use the rest that is made from sustainable and softer material.


The top shooting rest for rifles should provide the comfort during shooting and not limit the shooter’s movement. It also must provide the right adjustment for shooting the rifle per his wish, so the final result will be better aiming and shooting.


The best rifle shooting rest is the one that is adjustable for a variety of rifles, so you don’t have to buy different shooting rest for a different type of weapon.


After going through every rifle shooting rest review with care, we can recommend you these five products and each of them can be the best shooting rest for your needs. Good shooting rest can significantly improve your results during shooting, and in the end, it is your choice which product you’ll choose.

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