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6 Best Snake Proof Hunting Boots On The Market Reviewed

  • October 28, 2017

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While we go to the lengths to ensure that home environments are free of snakes, the snakes will likewise do the same to secure their habitats against human activities. Hence snake bites are a common feature of the rural areas and the countryside. There can be legitimate reasons to be in the woods, the habitation of the snakes. You may be trekking out of a mere exploration or you may have a duty that requires you to work where you might trample on the crawling being.

Hence snakes become the real threat in such places. The bites from many species of snakes may not be as fatal. However, there are some whose venom can be deadly and kill within minutes. Reliable statistics have it that more than 8,000 venomous snake bites are recorded each year. This threat is intensified by the fact that some snakes attack humans without being provoked or trampled on.

This heightens the need for the snake bite boots. The boots are not a matter of fashion because they’re there to offer the real protection against the injuries. Of course, some of them may be designed to suit the taste of fashionistas. But the woodsmen would tell you their importance to their survival. You need the tough and durable boots that can resist the snake’s fang.

You may have to go for the ones manufactured by the manufacturers of safety boots for construction companies. In order to prevent you from going too far, we have provided the snake boots reviews below to assist you in your search.

Top Rated Snake Boots For The Money in 2017 – 2018

1.    LaCrosse Venom Scent

What gives LaCrosse Venom Scent APG HD a position among the top best snake proof hunting boots is the study the manufacturers have conducted on the variety of snake boots in the market. Learning from the strengths and weaknesses of other boots, they have combined all the strengths have carefully avoided most of the pitfalls in the designing of these boots. After a structured snake boot test, they have come up with the Venom Scent APG HD, an efficient snake-proof hunting boots for farmers.

They’re made with both the leather and fabric. It’s strong enough to give you all round protection against snake bites. Its 18 inches by 2-inch heel dimension and 1,000 denier nylon uppers stand it in a better stead. If you stumbled on a snake, you have no cause to worry because the boot is laced from the top and it’s waterproof. The snake can’t penetrate the boot and that renders it useless against you.


  • It’s waterproof
  • Is considerably comfortable
  • Has strong interiors
  • Is comparatively affordable


  • Has issues fitting with the legs
  • Waterproofing needs improvement
  • Somewhat heavy.


2.    MuckBoots Pursuit

Muck Boots is among top rated snake boots you’ll ever find reviewed. The boots are waterproof up to the knee as they are laced up. There’s the rubber-made type and the leather-made one and both are very good for different kinds of hunting and activities in the woods. Some users claim that the leather-made offers better protection than the rubber-made.

Still, others believe that the rubber made is strong enough to prevent any type of bite and it’s one of the true waterproof snake proof boots. In order to compensate for the comfort that the leather boots offer, the Muck Boots rubber boots are padded inside to make for comfortable wear.

The lace up design allows you to adjust to ensure close-fitting around calves and yet keep scent control. Regardless of your size, you will always find the best boots that will meet your needs perfectly and provide the best immunity against snake bites for you.

The boots can withstand varied terrains of the bush because of their traction flexibility. That guarantees you the absolute durability of use and an assurance of maximum protection from snake bites for long.

Not to be overlooked is its beauty. Its combination of beauty, durability, and efficiency make this boot one of the best anti-snake boots around.


  • Design is comfortable, easy to wear
  • Rubber type is almost 100% waterproof
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It’s highly durable
  • Padded for comfort.


  • Rubber boots not as tough as leather
  • It’s expensive
  • Needs to improve for better performance

3.    Rocky Prolight

Rocky FQ0001570 Knee High Boot
List Price: $132.54
Price: $132.54
Price Disclaimer

Prolight by Rocky is the most diverse of all the boots in the markets which are found in many homes. They’re built to last longer than many boots and outperform them. The Rocky Prolight snake boots combine the beauties and the strengths of the boots in their pool to produce this hunters’ delight. The boots are made of a variety of colors that range from neutral to dark. Altogether, they come in up to ten different shades of color. 

A beauty of this boot is the combination of the waterproof inner layer with that of the upper parts. Inside the inner layer are the waterproof from top to the bottom and 16 inches snake-proof boot protection. Almost everyone can find one or the other features of it attractive, hence it’s everywhere. Its strength is in beautiful designs and durability.


  • Durable
  • Available in different colours
  • Waterproof inner layer
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Beautiful design


  • Not very comfortable
  • Difficult to use in some terrains


4.    LaCrosse Adder

Our attention’s drawn to LaCrosse again as the designers of the best snake boots. This time we’re reviewing their Adder Scent HD, a boot that you can wear all day long without feeling any discomfort. It’s made from 1000 denier nylon to give you 360-degree protection from a snake bite.

The material with which this boot is made is the one giving it an edge over others. It can withstand the wear and tear that may be brought about by trekking in the rural rugged. Even medium sized snakes will not be able to subdue it because of its full grain leather upper up to 18 inches high and its padded interiors strong enough to trample on snakes.

And to ensure a superior contact of different kinds of terrains, there’s no loading outsole. It’s adjustable to ensure that it’s securely fit and will not fall off at the most critical time. That’s reassuring.


  • Very large, enhanced with tough materials
  • Is flexible, easy to maneuver
  • Its toe cap is abrasion resistant
  • Is impenetrable all-around
  • Has scent-free waterproof protection


  • Waterproofing not very strong
  • It does not justify the cost
  • Its protection can be improved


5.    Foreverlast

Foreverlast Snake Guard Shields
List Price: $39.99
Price: $34.95
You Save: $5.04
Price Disclaimer

It’s not hard to see that snake-proofing is not the main goal of the designers of ForEverlast Flats Predator Wading Boots but it, nevertheless, lives up to its name. In spite of the fact that it’s designed to give comfort to the waders, its design makes it one of the snake bite proof boots. The boots have a strain and drain system that won’t let in rocks and debris, but will not do so with the water. It has a good traction that provides stability when going through structures. This is because the sole is enhanced with EVA material.

A good selling point of this boot is that it’s one of the cheapest around. Apart from that, it’s quite easy to put on and off. It requires just strapping them on and adjusting. Size is not much of an issue for the wearer of this boot. As light as weighing just 1.6 pounds, it has the corduroy-like upper.


  • Comfortable fit courtesy spacious insteps
  • Effective strain and drain system
  • EVA material adds extra usefulness
  • Cheap
  • Best snake proof in swampy areas


  • May not withstand too rugged terrain
  • Most reliable only as fishing boot
  • It is not very strong


6.    Crackshot R-2052

Crackshot Snake Guardz Socks, Tan, Large
List Price: $61.95
Price: $61.95
Price Disclaimer

It may be surprising to some that this non-leather boot is also listed here. Still, the listing of the best snake proof hunting boots will not be complete if Crackshot R-2025 is not included. Rather than using leather or even rubber, the manufacturers used nylon. And when you observe it in action, you’ll see an extra level of comforts it gives the users. This enables the users to wear the boots for many long hours without experiencing the usual leg discomforts.

It protects upper more than many boots of its kind as it covers up to 19 inchs range. The Khaki tan-nylon color boot is also a very cheap one compared to the most of its kind in the market. If you prefer to settle for comfort, this is the boot for you.


  • Covers higher than most boots
  • More comfortable than others
  • It is very cheap
  • It is a rare brand
  • It is more common in the market


  • Buckling and unbuckling can be a big issue initially
  • Offers relatively lower protection
  • It’s not so strong


We will not be kind to you if we didn’t share this reviews with you. As a hunter or hiker, consider the products we reviewed here and their characteristics to be able to make a wise choice of the snake bite boot.

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