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Stoeger Shotgun Reviews: Good or Bad?

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​What is the main characteristics of shotguns?

​High stopping power for a shorter range vs handguns and rifles.

They are great for beginners too because of easy aiming and overall they are just handy and nice looking firearms.

Here we listed the top 3 Stoeger shotguns and their short review:

1. Stoeger M3500

The Stoeger M3500 is a semi-automatic, inertia-action shotgun produced in Turkey. Since it is a semi-automatic machine, it is very inexpensive as compared to other models. The primary function of this shotgun is to hunt, and the 3.5” chamber further makes it attractive for Canadians. The price range varies from $600 in the US to $830 in Canada.


· Comes in 24, 26 or 28″ barrels

· Available in black

· Presence of fiber optic on the front side along with ventilated rib barrel

· Weight- 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)

· Steel coil reducer of 13 ounce

· Presence of stock shims so as to get the cast and drop adjusted

· 4 chokes along with choke wrench M,XFT,IC and F

· There is an optional grip stock

The main advantages of an inertia system are as follows:

· Simplicity

· Reliability

· Can be easily cleaned because of the absence of carbon build-up that one needs to work hard for scrubbing it off

One of the disadvantages of this shotgun is that the action does not get soaked as much as other gas operator machines do.

Many people have a notion that it is the same as Benelli M2, but in reality, it differs a lot. M3500 costs the half of Benelli M2. Neither the recoil spring system of Stoeger M3500 is fancy nor is the stock material good. But it makes use of a reliable operating system mechanism. There is hardly any other shotgun with 3.5” semi-automatic mechanism and also at this cheap price range available in the market to compete with Stoeger M3500. If you think that inertia driven systems are better, in that case, you must look for more reviews.

2. Stoeger M3000

Stoeger M3000 comprises of redesigned and enlarged trigger guard. The weight is still bearable. The safety is located in the perfect place that is at the back of the trigger. Cleaning of the trigger group can be easily done.

The bolt release button is situated on the receiver’s right side which is smooth like that of the safety button. The bolt handle is the same as that of the M3500 and is ribbed, large and has a shape of a feather.

Hunters would find this series reliable as it is inertia-operated and semi-automatic machine. This costs $450 for the black synthetic, and one can avail the camo models with additional of 50 bucks to this. According to a number of other reviews the soft trigger and pleasant shots are the two best qualities of this firearm.


· Inertia-action, semi-automatic operating system

· 3-inch shells installed with two-shot plug

· 7.12 pounds of trigger

· Trigger blocking cross bolt for safety

· Barrel of 26 to 28-inch vent

· Front style bar in orange luminescent

· 7 lbs-weight

· Chokes like MOD,IC, choke-tube wrench and extra full turkey

· Length- 49 5/8.”

3. Stoeger Condor

Stoeger is the manufacturer of great shotguns with a traditional break in action generally opened by a depressing kind of lever. The Stoeger Condor can be called as a line-up of various models thereby the productivity being diverse in nature. It includes all the advantages of over as well as the under shotguns that one can ever think of.

It is the baseline model for Condor line and is the most useful of the lot. It is 28 gauge machine which hit harder and has got better patterns and also seems to be easier in carrying as compared to a 20 gauge models.


· 28 gauge

· Deep blue steel barrel locked up firmly to the hand guard as well as the receiver

· Barrels are obtainable in a 26”,28”, 12ga and 20ga

· Extended choke tubes for every gauge

· Screw offered in flush

· 13-inch in length


· “A” ranked walnut on each and every model

· Available in various barrel sizes

· There is found a rock-hard lock up system between the action and the barrel


· there are gaps between the barrels which are difficult to clean due to less space

· the small front bead is disadvantageous

· rib present on the barrel is smaller in size

It is common that this machine has got some major problems and therefore should be given a second thought before opting for it. The most general issue was the second lower barrel is devoid of firing, especially after the first shot.

The above mentioned shotguns are top rated Stoeger choices. But you have to consider the pros and cons of each one before buying. Shotguns, these days are available with diverse specifications and thus provide a great scope for people to choose according to their taste and needs.

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