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7 Surefire Bow Hunting Tips For Beginners

  • July 19, 2017
hunter shooting with recurve bow

We usually use recurve hunting bow for shooting animals such as deer, turkey, and elk and so on. This bow offers more power enabling you to get the optimum effect from every single shot. Furthermore, it is quite simple to carry.

Consequently, in case, you are confronted with storage problems or if you happen to be strolling for a long distance this sort of bow should certainly minimize difficulty.

However, the question might arise in your mind “Can I really increase the accuracy of my bow hunting?” The answer will be in the affirmative. You might also ponder “Will it be difficult for me?” Well, it is fairly easy. You simply need to practice regularly with devotion.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have put together the most effective tips which you may follow to aid you to shoot your target more regularly with your recurve bow.

7 Bow Hunting Tips for Deer, Turkey and Elk

1. Get hold of the correct size bow

This first of the bow hunting tips refers to getting the appropriate size bow. A sporting equipment store must be capable of guiding you on which particular size would match you. This is performed by sizing up the draw length. The correct size will guarantee you to get the most precision with every single hit and it will also offer you comfort whilst handling the bow.

2. Never swap precision for pace

The arrow speed is going to improve if you enhance your draw weight. Therefore, in case you shoot more efficiently using a lower draw weight, then do it. Once again, it is vital to be accurate. Some hunters try to improve speed by picking a longer draw length; nevertheless, your form might be affected by doing so, which can make it difficult to sustain consistency with the anchor point, and eventually will cause you harm rather than good.

3. Proper accessories and practice

Once the appropriate size bow has been purchased, it is time for you to get the proper accessories and commence practicing shooting. Thus you will be able to comprehend how the bow actually functions in addition to how far it is possible to shoot the bow successfully. In case you are looking for deer, it would be prudent to practice at the identical height as your tree stand.

For adjusting the brace height on the recurve bow, do the following:

  • Establish the brace height as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Observe the performance of the bow after shooting several arrow sets at close range.
  • Add 5 additional twists to the bowstring in order to boost the brace height. (Always twist in the identical direction since the bowstring is going to be shortened by this. Furthermore, the nocking point position must also be verified and fine-tuned.)
  • Notice how the bow functions by shooting some more sets of arrows.
  • These steps ought to be performed again till the suggested maximum brace height is achieved.
  • It is suggested to make sure that the bow functions very quietly and with minimum vibration. Keep track of this brace height in case you would require it in future.

4. Maintain tranquility

You are probably aware of the fact that, as compared to human beings, animals have better hearing abilities. Therefore it is quite natural that it will be very easy for them to listen to the bow’s vibration in the tranquility of the forest. After patiently waiting for an animal for a couple of hours it would be really frustrating if the creature flees by the sound of your bow.

You must also make sure that your arrow does not make any strange sound while you load it or when the arrow is released. If the bow creates any sound even after the arrow is released, it is possible that animal might escape.

5. Target sure areas

Always go for the heart as well as lung region in case you are hunting for deer. This way, if you do get a direct hit you will probably put the creature down and thus you can locate your target easily.

6. Use appropriate draw

In case you are looking for wild boar hunting using a recurve bow, it is vital to have the appropriate pound draw so that you will be able to put the beast down.

7. Stay nimble when hunting elk

Remain as quiet as possible and make sure to stick to your guide’s suggestions. Furthermore, elk has a strong sense of smell and, consequently, stay away from carrying anything having strong fragrances.

Apart from all the above-mentioned recurve bow hunting tips there are also a few more which can prove to be useful for you. If you are contemplating to know further, it would be a smart idea to go online and take the help of any relevant information on the web, like here: GetRecurveBow

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