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Vortex Sparc II vs Strikefire II

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When it comes to the production of scopes, Vortex is a top manufacturer of high quality scopes with several years of experience. However, two of its products, Sparc II and Strikefire II are behind the fame of this brand. For this reason, we shall be drawing a comparison between these two products to see which is more superior.

No doubt, both of these models perform excellently and this is the reason why it could be daunting to choose one out of the two. We have taken out time to review Sparc vs Strikefire. We hope after this review you will be able to choose the better one without feeling any form of burden.

Construction: Spark II vs Strikefire II

Both of these models have a similar way of construction. The Vortex Strikefire and Sparc are made of aluminum steel. The Strikefire is constructed of 30mm aluminum alloy while the Sparc is constructed with the aircraft grade aluminum material. Moreover, the Vortex Sparc is lightweight and more compact, with a weight of 5.9oz and a length of 3.1 inches.

On the other hand, the Vortex Strikefire weighs 7.2oz and has a length of 5.6 inches. The Sparc also has a broad range of temperature of -4o to 158o Fahrenheit. Conversely, the Vortex Strikefire has the ability to function at lower temperatures. Its range of temperature is -22o to 140oFahrenheit.

Both models come with a low matte finish which allows the prevention of any reflection. The Strikefire and Sparc are both sealed with an O-ring which makes them waterproof. This prevents water from entering into them, which may cause distraction of your view. Furthermore, both models are filled with nitrogen gas which makes them fog-proof.

They are also shockproof, thanks to their sturdy construction. They can work perfectly with high-powered pistols that release heavy recoil & impact.

In the construction category, the battle between Sparc vs Strikefire is a tough one, but the winner goes to Vortex Sparc. It is more compact and lightweight, which makes it less difficult when installing. It also gives you the assurance of not making your pistol too weighty.

Features: Sparc II vs Strikefire II

For the lenses of both models, they have been multi-coated with multiple layers to enable better light transmission. Although both models have 10 levels of illumination and brightness control, there is still slight difference between both models in terms of reticles.

The lowest settings on Sparc and Strikefire are compatible with night vision, which makes it suitable for use during the night hours. You can choose between a green or red dot reticle in Vortex Strikefire, while the Vortex Sparc has a red dot only. Both models offers unlimited eye relief and are considered to be parallax-free. This implies that even if there is a heavy recoil from your pistol, your eyes are safer.

For the objective lens diameter, The Strikefire has a 30mm objective lens diameter while the Vortex Sparc has a 22mm objective lens diameter.

The Sparc has an adjustable graduation of 1 MOA, while the Vortex Sparc has a ½ MOA. Moreover, Sparc carries a 45 MOA travel per rotation, while Strikefire goes with a 24 MOA. For the maximum elevation adjustment, Sparc has 90 MOA and Strikefire carries 100 MOA adjustment control. When it comes to maximum windage adjustment, both models have the same figures.

In the contest between Sparc vs Strikefire in the feature section, the champion is the Strikefire. It has features that improves performance. The red dot is also clearer than the competitor.

Mounting system: Sparc II Vs Strikefire II

Under this category, the Vortex Sparc works with a multi-height mount system. Conversely, the Strikefire works with the Cantilever mounting system. The Vortex Sparc has a more flexible quality in terms of mounting. It can work perfectly on most pistols and it can mount on Picatinny or Weaver base.

You can choose from four different mounting heights, which range from 18mm to 40mm. In most cases, the Strikefire is better for AR mounting. This is due to the fact that it keeps the bore system 40mm above the base surface.

In the comparison of Vortex Spark 2 vs Strikefire 2 under the mounting system section, the Sparc is the winner. This is because it offers a more flexible mounting system. This implies that it is more suitable for pairing with different types of pistol.

Monetary Value: Sparc II vs Strikefire II

When it comes to the price tag on both models, the Strikefire is way less expensive. Moreover, it also has a long lasting battery, which automatically boost its monetary value.

The Strikefire works with CR2 battery, which allows for up to 300 hours of usage at max setting. When the setting is in its minimum level, it can last up to 6,000 hours of usage. The Vortex Sparc works with a CR2032 battery, which has the same number of hours as the Strikefire when on max brightness setting. But for the minimum brightness setting, it can only last for 5,000 hours of usage.

If you buy the Sparc model, you are entitled to a 7/64” Hex Wrench and a T-10 Torx Wrench. On the contrary, the Strikefire model only offers you the T-15 Torx wrench. Furthermore, both models have Flip Cap optic lids to protect the lens from scratching.

For the contest between Vortex Sparc 2 vs Strikefire 2, the Vortex Strikefire 2 is the one that has the best monetary value.


No doubt, that these two models are made from high quality materials and offer excellent performance. However, we need to make a choice on which reigns supreme over the other. Choosing one over the other is quite difficult but we just have to do that because there must be a victor in every battle. In this case, the Vortex Strikefire has a slight edge over the Sparc.

Note that this comparison does not in any way make Vortex Sparc less vital. Both models are outstanding in construction and performance and they are considered as the best scopes for firearms.

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