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How To Waterproof Your Hunting Boots

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Choosing right footwear for your hunting expeditions is essential for two reasons. You will be a more successful hunter and you will protect your health. The only way to get both of these is to know how to waterproof boots, something you will be able to learn in the content below.


The oldest method for waterproofing leather boots is to use wax. This substance has specific chemical properties that will repel any water. It is such an effective method that most survival experts use it on their every trip. We also liked the fact, that applying wax to the boots is simple and for the most people interesting experience. Here is video on how you will have to apply it.

Place the boots and the wax in a room where the temperature is high. Leave both of them for a few hours. This is needed in order to make leather softer and wax easier to apply. Apply the wax and remove the excess. All done. Just in case, you can use Kiwi Camp Dry wax. It is beeswax in essence, but it comes purpose made for making all footwear and camping gear waterproof.


The leather preservative is a simple chemical that is affordable yet extremely beneficial. In order to apply it, you will have to clean the surface and let it get completely dry. Then use the preservative and wait for 60 minutes. Remove any excess and you are ready. However, for the best performances, you should use the method only when the weather is going to turn bad. It may be a time-consuming process, but these chemicals never damage the leather and even restore basic properties.

We were impressed with the Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative. It is fully approved by the Gore-Tex technology, which is the most popular at the moment. The technology is based on the principle of a seal. Once a tiny crack appears, water will penetrate into the boots. The preservative naturally eliminates the creaks and restore the condition of the seal. It may be the best way to waterproof boots that have been used for several years.


This method is rare and still, most people don’t know all about it, but it is gaining in the popularity as we speak. Waterproofing sprays such is Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray are extremely useful. They preserve the texture of the leather and restore the natural properties, where repelling water is included, obviously.

The main fact to know is that the method allows you to use spray literally anywhere. It comes in a small container, so carrying it with you on your hunting trips is possible. Cleaning the boots before you apply the spray is mandatory, but it is more forgiving than other methods here. For example, in a case with wax, you must perfectly clean the boots, but when you use the spray, the surface can contain a little amount of dust and even mud.

If you have chosen the Kenetrek 400-Gram Mountain Extreme Hunting Boots, well-done. They are the best of the best and each person who owned or owns them gave a high rating. But, because they are entirely made from leather, using the waterproof spray we mentioned to protect them and prolong the lifespan is mandatory.


At first sight, this point may look pointless, but it is actually one of the most interesting. The thing with cleaning gel is the fact to protect the leather and seals at the same time. It means that boots will stay like new for a longer period and they will be completely waterproof during that period. The method makes all boots waterproof and doesn't damage the seals nor any elements of them, so we can say that this is the safest way.

The waterproof sealant of this kind isn’t complicated to use, nor is it an expensive investment. We have tried the Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel and the results were amazing. It was capable of cleaning boots without leaving just one particle of dust and it restored factory colors. Thanks to the high density, the sealant will last for a few months at least, because you will apply a small amount of it each time.


Maybe this alternative sounds delicious, but it is all about the sensitivity here. Leather Milk is one of the oldest ways that have been used for centuries. It is a particular kind of chemical that allows you to clean the leather and to repair minor damages. Let’s take into account the Cabela's Insulated Kangaroo Featherlight Boots. They are perfect, but they require plenty of maintenance. Using leather milk will make an invisible barrier between the leather and the elements, making them even more resistant than they are already.

Check the video below on how to use Chamberlain's leather milk:

The thing with leather milk is in the mentioned sensitivity. It is one of the best methods, but it will require more time than other alternatives here. The substances made leather milk delicate and allowed to it to restore the natural shine of the leather slowly and safely, without damaging the surface or deeper layers of the boots.


In order to protect the boots from the salt, water, elements and any other, potential issue, use mink oil. The secret of the method lies in its ability to penetrate even the deepest layers of the leather. It is known that the oil will make the colors darker and maintain the color tone as long as you use it. It is a non-invasive and simple method to protect the boots.

Check the video below on how to do it:

Two things must be remembered here. The first one is that olive oil must be avoided at all costs (it damages the leather) and the second one is to use mink oil on a regular basis.


All of the methods should be used if you have bought new hunting boots, or you want to preserve the old ones. They will prolong the appearance of the new boots and the lifespan of old hunting boots. If your boots do happen to get wet, there are a number of options to consider when drying your boots.

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