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What Hunting Clothes Can You Make on the Sewing Machine?

  • October 27, 2018

Are you planning on going for a hunting expedition? Do you have all the gear required to hunt successfully? Hunting gear might be expensive to some and thus, if you can save some cash by making your own gear, well and good.

Well, you must buy the essential gear such as rifles and bows. However, when it comes to clothing, a little DIY sewing project would be a good idea to make some customized camo designs while also cutting down on expenses before the trip.

That said, you might wonder, what hunting clothes can you make on the sewing machine? These are listed below.

1. Face mask

Your face might be the part of your body that throws off the deer you are after.

While some people may prefer to utilize natural camo in the form of beards and mustaches, a face mask is an important clothing to have because it also helps lock in the body’s scent to help you hunt more stealthily.

The best practice would be to make the mask using an elastic camo print so that it can stretch as you wear or remove it from the head.

2. Hunting hat

Hunting hats are often overlooked but they are important for completing the whole camo appearance and for keeping you warm if you decide to hunt during winter.

To make a hunting hat, it might be a bit easier to layer a normal hat with a camo fabric than to make the whole hat from scratch.

3. Hunting Vest

Hunting vests are usually worn together with long sleeve t-shirts so that you get a camo pattern on the chest area and a complete arm coverage due to the long sleeves.

Structurally, however, a hunting vest has a more complex design, which makes it quite hard to make from scratch. Although this is possible, the easiest thing to do would be to stitch a camo pattern fabric all around a normal vest, making it ready for the woods.

4. Gloves

Gloves are essential items to have on any hunting trip because they help keep your fingers and palms in optimal working condition due to less friction and bruising. This results in better aiming and more powerful shots, which basically means more efficient hunting.

Gloves are also ideal to have when hunting in the cold weather because they keep your palm and fingers warm enough to operate the hunting tools that you are using.

Since they are small in size, you can actually make gloves from scratch but you need to use an elastic fabric so that the end result fits snugly over your palm.

On top of this, you should layer a waterproof and a camouflage fabric to enhance the performance of each glove.

5. Hunting pants

Modern hunting pants are usually designed using waterproof fabrics so as to keep you dry and comfortable on the inside. Therefore, you need a material such as polyester fleece in order to make pants that match the shop quality.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. Once you come up with the main structure of the pants, you can stitch in the waterproof and camo layers, then try them out on an actual hunt.


A sewing machine can practically sew any clothing that is meant for hunting. As long as you have some good stitching skills, you can save quite a lot because all you need are the affordable fabrics, thread and time to get the job done.