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Detailed Review of The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit

  • March 6, 2018
hunter presenting Wheeler Engineering Scope Kit

Whether you are trying to get the highest accuracy from your gun or wanting to make sure your fasteners are well torqued and won't get loose. Trying to avoid your high-grade scope from being overstressed or just trying to put in your possible best to make sure your scope is properly mounted. The Wheeler scope mounting kit is the right solution for you in case you encounter issues when installing scopes on rifles.

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Wheeler actually produces 3 versions of this kit. The first is 1-inch rings, the second is 30mm rings and the third is a combo kit that comes with every necessary thing needed to mount a scope, making use of either 30mm or 1-inch rings. But in this article, we shall be focusing on the mounting kit combo and all that it entails. 

Wheeler Engineering is a subsidiary of Battenfeld family of brands and they are known for producing high-quality products. A complete set of Wheeler scope kit combo comes with torque wrench, scope level, ten screwdriver bits (these are usually utilized on scope rings and bases), a magnetic level, 2 scope rings lapping bar (30mm and a 1”), small tube of thread lock, 2 rings alignment bars (30mm and a 1”), lapping compound and an instructional DVD.

From what this kit is called, it means that it’s specially designed for professional gun handlers, but it is also a useful tool that helps amateurs get professional results. In the past, mounting of scopes was not done optimally and people struggle to manage to mount a scope.

And with the production of sophisticated rifles, scopes’ quality has also increased and more superior to the ones of previous years. What this means is that a special and more precise mounting technique is required when compared to what we have in the past.

It is paramount that you mount a scope properly if you really want to enjoy its function. The reticle of the scope should be properly aligned with the bore. Also, the ring must be properly aligned to the bore and the tube. Even if you are using a gun that’s made in a factory which comes with the necessary drills, bases and rings, the alignment can also be affected if not handled perfectly. 

What you really have is a bunch of different parts that are screwed together by a machine and must be properly lined up. It is very likely for one to make errors during this installation. The essence of having the wheeler tools is to help you correct the errors and make all the parts align perfectly. The kit also comes with tools to make correction for all induced variables.

Let me give a picture of how crucial it is to have a scope properly installed: Assuming you own a scope that has an exterior diameter of 1.7” and you make 1o of angle that’s equal 0.0152” on the scope’s circumference, which is not up to 1/64th of inch. That 1o of angle is equal to six-inch errors at 1000yards.

Also, if your scope is angled, it can affect its adjustment. Having your scope canted in the right direction and making windage adjustment to the same direction, you’re also unintentionally reducing the points of impact. 

A set comes with a Wheeler level which comprises of a scope level and a magnetic level. This level works perfectly in leveling the scopes, but you must understand that they don’t always work on all guns. 

Also, it is crucial that, if you use two levels, make sure the two levels complement each other. After removing the level from the box, I always make sure I check for this match. I discovered that they didn’t complement.

However, the good part is that Wheeler professional scope mounting kit didn’t glue the levels vials, so it’s quite easy to remove the vials and insert paper shims beneath one end in order to make both compatible. It is advisable that you check out your levels before using them.

Most people think that since virtually all the part – rings, gun and bases are made by machines, then lapping the rings is not crucial. This is totally wrong. They aren’t precise when setting up. I make sure the rings are lapped after being placed on guns. I check the rings to see if they are properly aligned before mounting by making use of Perma Tex Prussian on the lapping bars and fastening them into the scope’s rings.

Afterwards, I removed the lapping bars to see that Prussian Blue leave in the rings. Of all the time I have checked scope ring, I haven’t seen any set that didn’t need lapping. The scope and ring should be in contact and there is need to straighten them in order not to induce stress on the scope tubes. A stressed tube can create issues that are as serious as canting scopes.

The Wheeler engineering mounting scope kit has lapping bars, a 220-grit’s vial lapping paste and a small handle for the bars which works perfectly. When you lap the rings, the bare metals are left inside and needs to be blued again. At least, use cold blue.

The Wheeler Adjustable Engineering Screw Drivers are great. It is easily adjustable, steady and the most amazing part is that it releases when it gets to its torque limit. In the past, I did use an automotive torque wrench clicker types. After clicking, it would still remain tightened, and if you go too far, the screw can even break.

The major setback with the Wheeler kit is that it doesn’t arrive in a plastic box. The cardboard case will last for just a short time.


In conclusion, the Wheeler scope mounting kit combo is an amazing tool for installing scopes perfectly. If you own a gun and want to mount your scope the best way possible, then you should try as much as possible to own this kit. It makes things easier and interesting for you.

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