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Best Rated Youth Hunting Rifle Models For The Money Reviewed


hunter teaching his youth son aiming with rifle

Sometimes, children have the desire to follow the steps of their parents and want to be initiated in the hunting sport. A new generation of hunter should always be introduced to this kind of sport, mostly because hunting is a priceless tool that helps conserve the wildlife.

The sad fact is that a large number of children cannot have the opportunity to experience this sport on their own or even have more contact with the natural world. To offer your kid an enjoyable time while you are on a hunting trip, you should offer him or her the perfect type of gear.

Several firearms manufacturers have already thought of this and started developing rifles and shotguns especially made for kids. These youth rifles are easier to use and handle, with shorter lengths to pull and they are a lot lighter that a normal rifle. You should not think that your kid can use your gun because it would be more that he or she can handle.

Reviews Of The Best Youth Rifles For The Money in 2018

The transition between the toy guns, a BB gun and then a real rifle should be smooth. In this way, your kid can surely become really attracted to this sport. As an adult, it is a big deal to find the perfectly fitted gun after you saw a lot of models and styles in a store. It is the same thing with youth hunting rifles. A kid will definitely want to choose the one that fits him or her perfectly.

Here are three of the best rifles for children this year:

Mossberg 500 Super Bantam Deer / Field – Best Youth Shotgun of 2018

camo youth super bantam side view

Price: $410.00


This youth 20 gauge rifle is delivered with two barrels: a vent rib barrel of 22 inches that has interchangeable choke tubes and a rifled deer barrel of 24 inches that has adjustable sights. An added stock spacer additionally allows one more inch of pull (12-13 inches). Its full camouflage (Mossy Oak Obsession) helps to protect the pump shotgun from the elements and hides it from the cautious game.

Compared to other Mossberg guns, this one also has a slide safety, tang-mounted, that can be useful for both right or left-handed young hunters. Mossberg had added recently a new version of this gun, dedicated to the left-handed southpaws hunters. The Super Bantam is a very reliable and resistant gun, mostly because its core is the highly-tested Model 500 action and it weighs only 5 ¼ pounds.

Savage 11 XP Youth Combo – Best Youth Deer Rifle of 2018

gray savage model 11 youth bolt action rifle

Price: $629.00


This is an interesting weapon for young hunters since it comes with a Nikon 3-9×40 scope (comes with BDC reticle) already mounted. The bolt rifles made by Savage are known for their excellent accuracy. The 11 XP Youth model comes with more than one kid-friendly calibers, like 7mm-08, .223, .243 and .308.

This youth model 243 also has been modeled for those who are left-handed. Being black synthetic, the stock can resist the field carry abuse very well. This rifle is equipped with AccuTrigger, which has the super Savage bladed design and it can be adjusted by each user for pull weight. Precise head spacing is allowed through the barrel nut, leading to the renown accuracy.

With a weight of 7 pounds and a length of 39 ½ inches, this type of rifle is compact and light enough for a kid. The tang-mounted safety has three positions and is really convenient and easy to use.

Ruger 10/22

brown 10 22lr ruger autoloading rifle

Price: $359.00


This is a very well known rifle, great for all ages. This is definitely one of the best choices for the first gun of your kid first of all because of its tried and true performance and longevity and second because he or she cannot outgrow this gun ever. Another important thing about this rifle is the extended magazine release that eases the use and that can provide a smooth removal of the flush-mounted magazine.

This youth model 22 has a detachable rotary magazine with 10 rounds that is a Ruger patented and that uses a unique rotor for the cartridge separation, along with a reliable feeling. This legendary rifle offers a consistent performance with its base adapter for a combination of scopes, both .22 tip-off and Weaver-style.

A unique V-block system with two screws keeps the barrel, forged in a cold hammer style, into the receiver. The assembly of the polymer trigger housing is glass-filled and heat-stabilized and it was made with precision from a high-tech material with resistance to abrasion and impact, a great ability to resist to the elements and improved manufacturing tolerances.

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Why Should You Choose A Perfect Gun For Your Kid?

Kids learn very fast these days. They start with a toy gun from an early age, and then they want a BB gun because they are playing shooter games and would like to see how it works. If you like to hunt as a sport and your kid likes shooters, then there is a possibility that he or she would like to do the same thing.

You will definitely enjoy the idea, but you have to buy a youth rifle. When you finally take this decision, you have to think what gun would fit the needs and strength of your kid. It will not be a toy anymore and he or she will carry it on your hunting trips.

It is easier to choose a weapon now because there are guns specially made for kids, but you still need to think of the game you will hunt and how big the gun should be so your kid can carry it through the woods or in the field.

For the new restless youth, it is not an easy decision. If you want more information on this, then you can find anything online these days. The most important thing is that the kid can learn easily on that rifle and then be able to use an adult gun at the end of the learning period when he or she grows up. You should not think that your kid can learn better on your gun because this can slow both of you down while you are hunting together.

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